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Nerd Uno
Oct 12, 2007
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Today's Update Announcement:

Gemini mass production has started!

Dear Gemini Backers!

The final assembly of Gemini started today!

The Planet team has been in China since Monday. Yesterday our CEO, COO and CTO visited the factory to see the final keyboards being assembled (see the first two photos).

This was exciting to see as we witnessed the actual laser etching process of a keyboard and saw some of the smaller quantity keyboards being quality controlled.

Today our COO, Robin Parker and CTO, Davide Guidi, visited the assembly facility to see the assembly process start.

Seeing the production line confirmed exactly how complex Gemini is when it comes to assembly!

We saw 42 steps in progress. Each being done by a different factory worker. This was only part of the assembly and did not cover some of the LCD screen assembly and keyboard assembly which were done separately or the latter stages of packaging.

Altogether truly amazing to watch Gemini taking shape step by step on the production line after having worked on this project as a very small team for over a year. It has been a long day coming but so happy to be there when it all started in earnest.

Fingers crossed for the next few days to see how the factory can get through units. We will provide a more in depth update in the next few days, but just wanted to share this important milestone news with you. Here are some photos of the production line:



Oct 23, 2007
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Little Rock, AR
Wow - that takes me back. Reminds me of my first pocket computer in 1981 that I used to cheat in high-school with LOL

You have me slightly beat... My was the TRS-80 Model 100 with the 40 character LCD display and rocking 32K of RAM. Funny enough, I made use of it to semi cheat for my math class. I knew the formulas, but being lazy, it was easier to graph and work out the answers with the help of BASIC. AAhh, the good old days!

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