DEAL Ubiquiti POE Switch

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    For those of you that haven't used Ubiquiti ... let me tell you - TRY IT. Their stuff is awesome with a GUI managed cloud based software for free that rivals any of the very expensive largest companies out there. These guys are going to put a hurting on Cisco.

    While using them - I'm able to manage all my clients sites (using ER-x) complete with VPN and see whenever they've got an issue from our cloud based UNMS platform (that they actually give away for free).

    With their POE switches, you can actually reboot frozen phones remotely and do as you like.

    NewEgg has a deal right now with code for $40 off (limit 2) - so you get a 8 port Unifi POE switch for just $160.

    Just use code: emctvta43
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    Been using the Edgemax ER Lite since release (ver 0.8.1) in early 2013.
    Ubiquiti equipment is used on all my installs including routers, switches, wireless aps, cameras, etc.
    I host my own controller on a local VM since the UNMS wasn't available until recent
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