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    I'm using StraightTalk with an ATT SIM. The "standard" GSM codes for setting call forwarding don't seem to work, nor do the ones suggested in the Google Voice settings menu.

    I've found a few that do work, may not be news here - and may help someone out.
    *#61# gets current forwarding status (number and delay)
    **61*+1xxxyyyzzzz*11*30# sets forwarding to xxxyyyzzzz after 30 seconds of no-answer
    ##004# resets forwarding to default

    If you're having a problem with a mobile phone in a ring group handing off to voicemail (which, if not setup will still give a "voicemail not setup" announcement) too quickly, you can
    *#61# get current status
    **61*+1[number you just got]*11*30# set to max timeout (30 sec)

    I've experimented with setting the forwarding number to a vitelity DID. Call comes through with CID of caller (not forwarding phone or network), so I probably need to get a DID per user in order to forward mobile-direct calls to user-specific PIAF voicemail.
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    Heh..I put my old Ooma to good use by making it the forward number for both my SIM cards (my old GoPhone one and the newer StraightTalk one - my current cell has the forwarding options easily accessible). It goes into PIAF via my Sangoma card and that Inbound Route goes straight to my voicemail. I haven't had trouble with it ringing off too quickly because I have my ring group and follow me options set to dial the SIP extensions for several seconds before calling the cell. It's made my life much simpler..and the couple people that for some reason still call the Ooma number now and then will go right to my voicemail.
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    THANKS! That's a real help, and very clear!

    Should be noted that for AT&T straight talk, there are several cases for forwarding:
    Busy(67), No Answer (61), and Unreachable(62).

    *#67# gives status for Busy
    *#61# gives status for No Answer
    *#62# gives status for Unreachable (As above)

    *61*1xxxyyyzzzz# - Activates Call Forwarding (No Answer) etc.

    I haven't tried this next code , but it supposedly sets the number for all three:
    *004*1xxxyyyzzzz# - Activates Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer/Unreachable.)
    I would try *004*1xxxyyyzzzz*11*20# to set Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer/Unreachable) all after 20 seconds

    "GSM Network - AT&T or T-Mobile
    *004*1xxxyyyzzzz# - Activates Call Forwarding (Busy/No Answer/Unreachable)
    **21*1xxxyyyzzzz# - Activates Call Forwarding (Immediate) - This did not work on StraightTalk so they may be actively blocking it in the switch"
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