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Nerd Uno
Oct 12, 2007
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Portions from Preston McNair post elsewhere:

With the uncertainty about Google Voice and XMPP connectivity remaining in place for GV, we have been getting a lot of requests to port Google Voice numbers, here is the procedure:

1. Be sure to set a PIN for your Google Voice voicemail access BEFORE proceeding!!!

2. Here are the Google instructions for porting OUT. Google charges $3 to unlock your number for porting unless you ported the number in to them. Then it's free.

Port your number out of Google Voice

Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service provider you must first unlock it.

There is a one time $3 fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived.

To unlock your number simply:

Go to www.google.com/voice/unlock and sign into your Google Voice account.
If you only have one Google Voice number click Unlock my number underneath your Google Voice number. If you have more than one number, select the number you wish to port away from the drop down menu and then click Unlock my number.
Click Continue to confirm that you wish to unlock your number.
Sign into Google Wallet to complete your port out process.
Once you're done your Google Voice number is ready to be ported out.

You can then initiate the port with your new service provider (you can use your Google Voice number as your account number).

If you initiate the port before unlocking your number, the port will be blocked and we will email you with the unlocking instructions.
If you've changed your mind about porting your number, you can re-lock your number:

Go to www.google.com/voice/unlock and sign into your Google Voice account.
Click Relock my number underneath your Google Voice number.
Click Continue to confirm that you wish to relock your number.
You can always unlock your number again after relocking it (you will not have to pay the $3 fee twice). However, the relock option will not be available if Google Voice has received a port out request from an external carrier (e.g. if you begin the port out process with a carrier, relocking your number will not cease the process). Next...
  1. Have your service provider initiate the port out process
    When they ask, give them your Google Voice phone number, your Google Voice account number (which is the same as your 10 digit Google Voice number with no dashes or spaces), and your password (this is the PIN you enter to check your Google Voice voicemail). If you haven't set a PIN number on your voicemail, set one before porting out. (It's easier than explaining to the clerk that you 'have no password')
  2. Wait at least 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours
    Technically, this isn't necessary at all. The port out process happens much faster, but the employees at most places are 'trained' that it takes 24 hours, and in my experience, will not check on the port in status until it has sat around for 24 hours. Realistically, this happens in less than 2 hours (and often less than 30 minutes)


Jan 13, 2008
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as a FYI Google Voice numbers can be ported into SIPStation within 2-3 days usually since they are a internal port for us.

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