QUESTION Need Recommendations to Route Incoming Call to Multiple Remote Users


Mar 10, 2017
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Right now I'm using Incredible PBX 'Incredible PBX Server' for my Gvoice numbers and Xivo-Wazo 17.17 "Phoenix" for all of my Anveo Direct and numbers. Normally each users would have their own login credentials/number/etc for inbound/outbound calls. However, now I would like to take advantage of a few DID's and channels, but I'm not exactly what to do. My goal is that when a consumer calls in it will ring ALL of our phones (Zoiper) at once and then go to voicemail if nobody picks up. Call recording and tracking is a must!

I'm fairly certain I need to create a ring group, but I'm not entirely clear what would be easier to setup between the 2 PBX's. Assume the number is 281-123-4567 and is already setup in Wazo.

Do I need to create another NEW sip protocol (basically duplicate it) for the same number, and then setup incoming calls/outgoing calls/new user and a line. Then enter 281-123-4567 as the number in Groups>add. That seems like a lot work considering how many numbers I have.

Wouldn't it be easier to just setup up the remote voiper software using one of my configuration files. Yes, it has my login information, but literally it takes like 10 seconds to do from testing. I know Anveo Direct allows 10 channels and I believe is 25. Besides security, what am I missing?

I'm really thinking about migrating everything over to Incredible PBX and I found the following article about how to setup Anveo Direct is another matter at this juncture. The only tutorial I found was dated a while back, so I'm not sure if it still works or not. However, I see no way to bulk import a large list of my numbers into the system, which makes me a bit hesitant considering how many I have.

The backend system is great if you want a quick way to setup DID's. I just wish they'd charge more and add call recording to make my life easier.

I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

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