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DEAL Looking for paid help on VM install, config & testing SOHO

Discussion in 'Items/Jobs/Services: For Sale or Wanted' started by Paul Groeneveld, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Paul Groeneveld

    Paul Groeneveld New Member

    Oct 7, 2017
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    I have previous basic knowledge of trixbox/elastix VOIP installation/configuration/implementation, but somehow am not able to get aVM installation running on my ESXi 6 box, let alone configure it.
    Who can help me set up a working ESXi 6 VM of IncrediblePBX Wazo SOHO solution and help me configure/test it? How many hours will it take you/will you charge?

    Basic info:
    6 incoming lines (5 voice, 1 fax)
    15-25 extensions (5-7 active users)
    Use of SIP softphones (Bria; around 8-10) and FXS adapters (2-4)
    Most of the standard function will need to be configured
    (IVR, fax to email, call recording, call forwarding, call pickup, DND (Do not disturb), Follow me, DID/DISA, Callback, Que, voicemail, conference calls/three way calling, call hold, call parking, music on hold, external/internation blocking, backlisting, call cue, outgoing calls prefix, Caller ID)

    Suggestions are welcome! (e.g. platform, functionality, cheap/reliable SIP providers, best LAN approach, assistance)

    I have kind of a detailed deploymentplan and IVR flow available.

    Paul (The Netherlands)

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