FYI Last Day to Comment on FCC 'Ringless Voicemail' Spam Proposal


Nov 23, 2007
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Figured this is as good a place to post this seeing its related to phones :)

Copied directly from dslreports:

Last week we noted how the FCC, eager to please the advertising industry, has been considering a rule change that would allow for "ringless voicemail." The proposal would allow telemarketers to leave voicemail spam, advertisements and other promotions in your voicemail without your phone ringing -- something currently prohibited by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). And while the GOP and US Chamber of Commerce have thrown their full-throated support behind the proposal, consumers have to the end of the day to share their own thoughts with the FCC.

Unless you want to be spammed and spend your time going thru your voicemail and deleting these spam telemarketer msgs, interested consumers should head to the link below, enter 02-278 in the proceeding field, and speak their mind (politely).

A number of companies (including a marketing company named "All About the Message") have been petitioning the current FCC for an exemption that would allow them to bombard your voicemail inbox under the belief that because your phone won't ring -- you'll be ok with getting voicemail spam.

In a filing with the FCC (pdf) the Republican National Committee, the fundraising arm of the GOP, argues that it's the marketing industry's First Amendment right to be able to send marketing missives directly to your voicemail inbox.

The FCC's failure to allow an exemption for ringless voicemail "would not only restrict an important form of non-intrusive communication; it would have serious consequences for the First Amendment rights of those engaged in political communication via telephone," claims the RNC.

Of less apparent concern to the RNC is the fact that the public has zero interest in making it easier for robocallers and telemarketers to annoy them.

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