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Are there any brittle version dependencies between IPBX (freepbx) php web portal, and asterisk?

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Aug 19, 2010
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Question for the Devs, Pioneers, the Adventurous, the Crazy Ones, those who "Think Different"....
In your opinion:
Are there any brittle version dependencies between IPBX (freepbx) php web portal, and asterisk?

IPBX (freepbx) PHP web portal 12.0.70.
asterisk 13.22.0.
1. Should you be able to upgrade IPBX (freepbx) PHP web portal, from 12.0.70, to 13.0, 14.0, or 15.0 ??
Should it work or not? In terms of suddenly running on top of a 12.0.70 database? In other words, is IPBX (freepbx) able to detect the database and dynamically upgrade it if necessary, that is, if there even were breaking changes to the db?
Have you ever tried this upgrade of IPBX (freepbx) web portal, while keeping asterisk underneath it 13.22.0?
Is there anything that impacts this working, other than possible breaking changes in freepbx's database tables and asterisk conf files and commands in the asterisk CLI / ARI ??
Vice versa:
2. Should you be able to upgrade asterisk from 13.22.0 to 14 latest, 15 latest, or 16 latest thru github, and then would IPBX (freepbx) web portal 12.0.70 still be able to talk to asterisk 14-16 and manage it correctly?!
3. Upgrade both to the latest, ie, asterisk to 15 or 16 (from github) and IPBX (freepbx) web portal to 15.0? Will they both adapt on the fly to the existing db from freepbx 12.0.70 and conf files from asterisk 13.22.0? Or is no adapting to new db and conf file formats necessary, are there no breaking changes neither in their data storage formats, are the asterisk 15 commands compatible to asterisk 13?!
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