QUESTION How to link 3CX 16 to IncrediblePBX 13.13?

Aaron Outhier

Dec 11, 2016
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So, I have a service that integrates with FreePBX (and compatible) boxes via the CID Lookup module, and I also really like the CID Superfecta module functionality. I also want to be able to provision my phones easily and automatically, as well as have SoftPhones in my MacBook and iPhone, so 3CX is the obvious choice there.

I have seen the article on nerdvittles about linking a cloud server with 3CX to IncrediblePBX for Raspberry Pi, but I'm not using a cloud server. The newest version of 3CX (version 16), supports installing onto a Raspberry Pi version 3B+, and I have both a 3B+, and the original 3B.

So, my setup is as follows:

3CX version 16 on a 32 GB MicroSD card on the RPi 3B+, IncrediblePBX on the RPi 3B, using a custom-hybrid setup of an 8 GB MicroSD and a 16 GB USB stick. They are both on the same LAN Network!

I have a custom router box, running OPNSense (AKA "OpenSense", which is a fork of PFSense). It is setup and functioning well, it would seem. I have port 5060, as well as ports 10000-20000 forwarded to IncrediblePBX box, and port 5090 forwarded to the 3CX box.

The IncrediblePBX and 3CX boxes each have a static IP inside of my LAN, and are set outside of the DHCP pool range. The 3CX box is, and the IncrediblePBX box is, in case it matters.

I have setup the Incredible PBX box for the Skyetel trunks, and both IncrediblePBX and Skyetel report that they are connected. I believe that I have the trunks between the 3CX and IncrediblePBX boxes configured correctly, but I'll reserve final judgement on that for later.

My main question is regarding inbound and outbound routes between the two boxes. The new 3CX 16 doesn't seem to have an option for setting up a bridge, as the older ones did.

I have trunks on both boxes configured for IP based authentication and both appear to be working. Now I just need to be able to route incoming and outgoing called between the two.

Anyone here have ideas on how to tackle such an obstacle?

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