TIPS Help needed - Incredible PBX for Raspberry Pi 3B

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    Help Needed. I just installed the latest IncrediblePBX 13.13-7 for the RaspberryPi, with all of the updates. I have not made any manual changes to GVsip1. Google Voice is working, and a couple of extensions as well. I can't get the Vitelity inbound route to work. Vitelity Outbound works, the DID is correct, I called Vitelity on that. I have left CID to "Any". I even created a route from Any DID and Any CID, and still no answer. At one point it was working, but then GVsip1 was not, now GVsip1 is working and now Vitelity inbound is not. The extensions are working.

    I don't have a fixed external IP, and my internal IP is
    I also don't have a FQDN.

    Let me know your fee structure. Thanks
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    Any time your ip address changes, you are going to need to change your ip address on Vitelity. Every time. You might start there. PM me if you still need help.
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    Are you using an account with DDNS service to update your IP every time it changes. For example or perhaps etc.. There is plenty of help to set up a DDNS on those sites.
    You would need a line in /etc/crontab so that your Pi will update the DDNS server every few minutes.
    nano /etc/crontab
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