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Jul 3, 2014
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hi fellas,

I'm running the Gotcha-Free PBX on a cloud install of Ubuntu 14.04 x64 (DigitalOcean FTW!). I'm getting the hang of it (so far). But, I'm more familiar with configuring the FreePBX 11 and 12 interface. So, I created parallel PBX installs in DigitalOcean to experiment. I was getting tripped up adding my vMobile device. You see, Vitelity only has instructions for how to install a vMobile device specific to the FreePBX interface. In your Vitality user portal (under vMobile), you will see the following instruction:

FreePBX Settings
Please note:You must follow these carefully.

When adding a vMobile phone to FreePBX, choose Applications, then Extensions.
Under User Extension enter: [YourVmobileNumber]
Under Display Name enter: [YourVmobileNumber]

Scroll down to - Device Options
Under secret enter: [YourVmobileNumberSecret]
Once you have completed these settings, scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Now on the top right of the next screen, you will see your new extension [YourVmobileNumber].
Click on [YourVmobileNumber] at the top right to open the SIP extension settings.

Scroll down to -Device Options.
Next to host change this to [YourVmobileNumber].mobilet123.sipclient.org from 'dynamic'.
Solution: Here is what I did to get vMobile working in the Gotcha-Free PBX interface:

  1. First, go back to your Vitelity portal, click vMobile, then "My Devices," then "View SIP Account" in the drop-down box. Note your "vMobile Device SIP Account" information.
    1. TIP: Consider mapping your PBX IP in the vMobile device setup to a Dynamic IP service like DynDns.org (even though it will remain static). That would allow you to redirect the vMobile mapping from your Dyndns account to another server for backup purposes; otherwise, Vitelity will hard-map the IP (this is bad for cloud hosting in DigitalOcean as new servers can have new IPs) and you cannot change the mapping without destroying the vMobile setup and recreating it again.
  2. Then, with your "vMobile Device SIP Account" information, navigate to your PBX IP and click the "Users" button on the left side. Next, click the box to create "New User" (this is important, versus trying to simply edit the existing users 6001 and 6002);
  3. Under the "Edit User Extension" box, add your complete vMobile number without spaces, dashes or parenthesis (ex: "0123456789") to the following fields
    1. Extension
    2. CallerID Name
    3. CallerID Number
    4. MAC Address
  4. Then, add your SIP password to the "SIP/IAX Password" box. Click "Update" and then apply update.
  5. Now, click on the "Edit" box of your Extension. Then click the "Advanced Edit" box on the upper right. You will then edit the text (third line down, starting with "host=dynamic") to the following "host=[YourVmobileNumber].[yourmobiletAddress].sipclient.org". NOTE: this information will be specific to your vMobile account. Next, click "Update" and then "Apply."
  6. Review your settings one last time. Make sure you see that in the center, under the "Technology" section, that "IAX" is clicked as an option, as well as setting the "DTMF Mode" to "Auto" under the "VoIP Settings" box.
  7. Click on "Ring Groups" to the left. You will then be in the "Edit RingGroup - RingGroup 1" box. Under the "Available Users," you should see your vMobile number TWO times. So, for example, if your vMobile number is 5558675309, you will see the following: "5558675309 (SIP) 5558675309" as well as "5558675309 (IAX2) 5558675309." Add both of those Users to the "Ring Group Members." Then, under the dropdown box "If not answered Goto," select an option such as sending it to a User's voicemail. Click save and Apply settings.
Your vMobile device should now be able to call out and receive calls. Apparently, the IAX setting is critical, as without it you will only be able to receive (but not make) calls. So, if troubleshooting, make sure you have that in your Users/Extensions.
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