SOLVED Find Me/Follow Me breaks extension

Rob Traffie

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Aug 23, 2016
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I've got a brand new install on a dedicated server.
CentOS 7 minimal, Incredible PBX 13-13 full enchilada upgrade.
Incredible PBX 13-13.3 for CentOS 7
Asterisk 13.21.1
(Couldn't seem to attach the image)

I moved from an iPBX 12 server which I've been using for ~5 years.

It's a very simple setup.
One provider, 1 trunk, 1 outbound route, 14 inbound routes, a few ring groups and one simple IVR.
I've got 3 users who want calls forwarded to their cell when not at their desk.

As soon as I enable Find Me/Follow Me to ON, the inbound route and extension stops working.
Inbound goes to either a fast busy or a non working # recording.
Turn it off, it all goes back to normal??

I'm using something like this example:
Default ringallv2-prim 7/20 seconds
99 is the user extension
external cell phone of 5553331234#

For some reason, one of the user's Follow Me works fine, the other two do not.
One thing that is different with the two broken ones (they are both members of a ring group)
Working person is not, just an option in the IVR.

Thanks for any feedback or places to look.

Rob Traffie

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Aug 23, 2016
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Ended up having two issues to work through.
1. Incredible PBX 13 does not like it if you use a single digit extension. The issues I was having were with extension 2 and 5, but 11 worked (sort audio, see #2 below)
My users were used to their simple, single digit extensions that were in place when I arrived - so I tried to keep them on new PBX.
While they worked internally and would allow both inbound and outbound calling, as soon as I tried to enable Follow Me they stopped working completely.

Fix 1: delete and remake the single digit extensions to two or more digits.

2. Once I got Follow Me to work, I had no audio being passed on the external call (VOIP provider is Flowroute)

Fix 2: I created a 1 second (empty) wav file named "silent.wav" and added it to the Announcement section in the Follow Me configuration.
Which (as I understand) forces an answer to be recorded, passing the audio along to the external number.

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