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Aug 25, 2016
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So I have been using Incredible PBX 11.17.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS with Asterisk 11.23 & FBX 2.11.0 for over 2 years now in production (long term pilot program) for faxing. I have over 1200 users using the system to send outbound faxes using both AvantFax web interface or Email to Fax GW (using Postfix). Originally this was deployed on a desktop PC. Now that it became widely used system, I need to move this to a VM. I also need to see about an upgrade. Originally we allowed users to use a freeware called PDFCreator to create the PDF files to send the faxes, but we are no longer allowed to use that. With Win 10, there is a MS Print to PDF, however my current system isn't able to send those documents (guessing the version of Ghostscript is old and cant read those files). They actually show up as blank page on the receiving end.

So I have been playing with newer Incredible PBXs. I deployed several version of the Incredible PBX/Fax and here is where I am stuck and hoping someone can nudge me in the right direction.

Using Incredible PBX/Fax 13-13.10 on CENT OS 6.10
Asterisk 13.27.0
AvantFax/Hylafax has 200 IAX modems.
Asterisk connected to my IP based PBX for in & outbound calling

Things that are working:
Outbound faxing using web interface
Outbound faxing using MS Print 2 PDF files
in both cases getting email confirmation when the fax is completed
Inbound faxing to email
Inbound faxing to printer
Inbound faxing to Windows shared folder (using CIFS)

Item that is partially working:
Outbound faxing using email to fax GW
I am able to send a fax to [email protected] domain, I can see the fax in the outbound tab on the web interface, the fax also gets sent. However I do not get a confirmation email. I have mirrored settings from my Ubuntu server to the CENTOS server. As far as I can tell, there is nothing different in settings (other than OS and version of postfix of course). In the mail log, I see the incoming email and that it was forwarded to fax. In the Hylafax log I see that the fax went thru, but beyond that I am not sure where to look to see why the confirmation email never went out.

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