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Dec 3, 2018
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I am new to FreePBX and am of the trial by error philosophy. I have run into a few questions I would like some direction on and am hoping one of you is able to answer them.

(1) I first setup a trunk to my PBX and one phone. Everything seemed to work fine. I added another phone and then there were issues with service; primarily, incoming calls weren't coming in. I think I narrowed the problem to the fact that both of the devices were using or trying to use port 5060. I changed the port on each device to a random one and it seems to be working fine. Is this the best way to handle it? i.e., Whenever setting up a device, just pick a port from 1-65535? (Also, this is the same port as the one that shows up under Reports for registered peers, right?)
(2) I notice that in the advanced tab for any given extension, there's a field to enter a port; the default is 5060. I thought I would need to change this port to match up with the port selected under question one, but devices are still able to connect even with a different port. If the port need to be changed to a random one and then that extension need to connect through only that port?
(3) My SIP provider lets me forward calls to a SIP address or a SIP registration. What's the difference?
(4) Are calls from SIP providers typically charged or is there any cost? How about for forwarding calls such as in question 3, above?

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