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Oct 6, 2016
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I have a recent install of Xivo that I setup with Google Voice (via Simonics) and AnveoDirect. GV works flawlessly as does outbound calling on Anveo. However, when I dial into the Anveo number I get a busy signal and this line in the logfile:

NOTICE[1750][C-00000010] chan_sip.c: Call from 'AnveoDirect' ( to extension '1xxxxxxxxxx' rejected because extension not found in context 'to-extern'.​

My first thought is that this is caused because I did something wrong with the code that Ward instructed to be placed in extensions_custom.conf (see This file did not exist on my machine, so I placed it in extensions.conf.

I also have a question as to why the error message references an incoming call to an outgoing context (all my incoming trunks use the 'from-extern' context).

I have easily spent over 40 hours troubleshooting this to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. A quick shout out... Ward, thanks for helping to make PBXs an accessible tool for the rest of us.

UPDATE: The logfile provided the needed clue. I had a trunk for for outgoing calls and another for for incoming calls. It turns out, resolves to; thus, the incoming call was being picked up on the trunk set up for outgoing calls (with the context 'to-extern'). I simply disabled the outgoing trunk and I can now receive calls.
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