Add user-defined fields to extension config pages? (New module suggestion)

Jun 29, 2009
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If we have anyone here that knows how to write a FPBX module and would like a quick project that would probably be useful to a lot of us, I'd like to suggest a module that would add user-defined fields to extension configuration pages. This would be considered a "tool" module and you'd go into it and give it a desired field name, and a dropdown would let you select the type of field and (if applicable) maximum data length. It would then insert the field into the MySQL extensions database, and also show the field on each extensions page. Hopefully it would also be added to the Bulk Extensions module logic so if someone uses that to backup or move extensions the extra fields would saved and/or transferred.

Such fields would not be utilized by FPBX directly, but could be used in custom code in extensions_custom.conf, or by third-party modules during the development process.

The main reason for having this would be to store bits of information associated with an extension on the extension's configuration page itself. Anything from notes on the extension to information on the user to data that can be accessed in custom dialplan or AGI code.

Just a thought, if anyone is looking for a project and knows the secrets of creating a module. I know it is possible to add fields to extension pages because other third-party modules do it, for example the "Outbound Route Permissions" module that I used to use added several fields to each extension page.

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