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Nov 15, 2015
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I am trying to set up a hybrid PBX at my home using a 3CX server and an Incredible PBX 13 server. I am halfway there. 3CX is able to dial thru the Incredible PBX trunk to extensions on the Asterisk side. I just can't get it working in the other direction. When I use an Asterisk extension to dial a 3CX extension I get a busy signal, which leads me to believe that the call never leaves the Incredible PBX.

The servers are VMs on Proxmox. It's been a while since I built the 3CX server, but I think I used the PIAF ISO from this site. The Incredible PNX was built using the Scientific Linux ISO from They are on the same internal network behind a hardware firewall. I have been able to make inbound/outbound calls on both servers using Vestalink and trunks with 2 way audio, so the firewall config is all good.

The 3CX server is able to register successfully with the IPBX (green light). I tried using the 3CX + Raspberry Pi tutorial ( and the 3cx + Issabel tutorial ( but obviously I am missing something on the IPBX side. Maybe I messed up the Outbound Route?

I was able to get the 3CX to register with the Incredible trunk by changing it to no auth/IP based. I am able to use a 3CX client to make PSTN calls through the IPBX trunks (Vestalink and and to directly call extensions on the IPBX. What I can't do is use an IPBX extension to call a 3CX extension. I get a busy signal. I am trying to comb through logs and CDRs but this is my first IPBX (I have used 3CX and VitalPBX in the past) so I am not sure what I am looking for.

My 3CX trunk config on the IPBX looks like this:

Register String = main:[email protected]

Where is the legit internal IP for the 3CX server.
Outbound Route Dial Patterns
Because my 3CX extensions are 3 digits, dialing 9000 would call the 3CX operator.
I use a similar scheme for my route to dial out using the 10XX short code feature to dial between sub accounts. I can even dial 910XX from a 3CX client and that works.​

The clearly things are working on the 3CX side because I can dial out to everything from my 3CX client on my smartphone, even when I'm on 4G/LTE.

Any suggestions?
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