1. Milton Alvis

    SOLVED IPBX 13-13.10 Raspberry PI 3 B+, Extensions How To?

    Newbe to IPBX 13-13.10, lost in how to configure & register Yealink phones: I set up incredible PBX 13-13.10 for Raspbian on a Raspberry PI 3 B+ ( have managed to get it to register with our SIP.US trunks but I have yet to figure out how to create extensions...
  2. A

    QUESTION VPN Issue on Yealink phone

    I have an external phone to my home based PBX. It is a Yealink T46G. I have upgraded the firmware and sent new config files which were loaded. The phone was rebooted and shows a) as connecting to the vpn (OpenVPN logs) and b) shows as registered (sip show peers). However, the phone shows 'No...
  3. A

    QUESTION Port Knocker app for Yealink T46G

    I don't have any idea what's involved, but how hard would it be to write a portknocker app for the Yealink and assign it to a button?
  4. C

    QUESTION IP Phone Questions

    Hello All, This is my first post on the forums, so I apologize if this should go somewhere else or has been answered... I currently have a Cisco 7960 that I am looking to replace. I have seen lots of posts about the Yealink T46G, and also the article on about Digium's A Series...
  5. M

    NO JOY Yealink W52P - keypad presses don't work in voicemail system

    I have several Yealink W52P phones running fine on FreePBX 12. Was planning to move to Incredible PBX 13 and have it up and running. One of the W52P phones is registered on the second PBX, but when I access the voicemail from the handset I cannot navigate the menus. Once I'm in, the keypresses...
  6. Lou Smith

    NO JOY Losing IP on phones during provisioning

    I'm trying to set up 3 new Yealink T42S phones with the latest firmware in an office using stun with 3cx/PIAF on an OVH vps. The WAN has a static IP from Spectrum Business; The router is a NetGear R8000P providing phones and switches with static IPs; The switch is a NetGear M4100-D12G where I've...
  7. rjaiswal

    TUTORIAL Setting up vtun1 on Edgerouter for Yealink phones

    Hi, Haven't posted in a while. Had a freak accident last year. 4 surgeries later, I'm now on the road to a somewhat full recovery. Just got this working for myself. I have a new full time job, and wanted to keep a desk phone hooked up to my personal PBX, so if my old clients needed to get a...
  8. KNERD

    QUESTION Asterisk SIP notify?

    Since this is a friendly place, I thought i would ask here. Looking at this nice lengthy article, titled Programmer’s Paradise: Introducing the VoIP Phone of the Year, Yealink’s T46G I have a few of these T4xG line phones for playing around with. Looking at the documentation called "XML...
  9. D

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hardware recommendations please

    Hello, Been a long time lurker here with a post here and there. So I am wanting to get some recommendations for new hardware to run this new PBX in a Flash 5 build. I have a small business and want to upgrade and take advantage of the new build that includes 3cx and its many features. My...