1. D

    Skyetel Configuration for Wazo/XiVO?

    Edit: Solved my own issue. Although I'm certain I tried turning on 'Accept unauthenticated calls' earlier, that was the problem. Hello, I am attempting to set up a Wazo/XiVO-based server. I can make outgoing calls using Skyetel, but incoming calls log an error stating Failed to authenticate...
  2. M

    QUESTION Need Recommendations to Route Incoming Call to Multiple Remote Users

    Right now I'm using Incredible PBX 'Incredible PBX Server' for my Gvoice numbers and Xivo-Wazo 17.17 "Phoenix" for all of my Anveo Direct and Voip.ms numbers. Normally each users would have their own login credentials/number/etc for inbound/outbound calls. However, now I would like...
  3. K

    SOLVED Help with Twilio SIP setup

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience or currently runs Twilio SIP trunk on Wazo/Xivo and could help me with setting? I've been trying to setup Twilio on Wazo 17.05. So far I've been able to setup few Gvoice trunks successfully, so I know that PBX itself works fine. Now as for Twilio, I've...
  4. jake372

    GO HERE Flowroute Outgoing Calls in WAZO

    I am running Wazo Version 17.01 on Vultr and have inbound calls working using a Flowroute trunk. Inbound calls are working, and I have also made sure I set the ip address for Wazo in Flowroute to allow outbound calling. When I try to place an outbound call a recording says "the person you are...
  5. Ben Uecker

    QUESTION Wazo - Does Wazo do presence notification on phones?

    Say you have 3 phones. ceo phone, sec1 phone and sec2 phone. if ceophone is in use, can sec1 or sec2 phones see that ceophone is in use? Like how you had 3 phone lines and all you had to do was look to see which phone line was in use. If the answer is yes, what's the technical term for...
  6. S

    SOLVED Problems with both out and inbound calls

    Hi. Installed XIVO a few months ago, got it working with the mac Telephone softphone with voip.ms. Didn't use it much after basic testing, as I wanted to get a sip desk phone, plus figure out the automated attendant (that's still in the future). Today, went to install a sip phone and found that...
  7. Ben Uecker

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT XIVO Endpoints Losing Registration

    I actually have more than one question but all are related to XIVO 16.13 PIAF version. First some details: I have 30 phones and 30 phone numbers connected using voip.ms as the trunk. Server is on Digital Ocean. Now for some questions of mine. 1. Does Traveling Man 3 cause some intermitten...
  8. D

    TRY THIS XiVO / Wazo TollFree SIP trunk

    Is there a way in XiVO to implement a custom SIP trunk for toll free calls. I route all of my toll free calls through IdeaSIP. In Incredible PBX I just set up a custom trunk with the following custom dial string: SIP/[email protected] IdeaSIP doesn't require an account or...
  9. J

    TIPS CDR Reporting Module for Wazo

    We're not getting any results from Display calls or download calls from the new CDR reports for Xivo. Worked fine before last upgrade to Xivo 16.16 and Asterisk 14.2.0. page reloads but display is totally blank. Any ideas? Scripts we could reload?
  10. Dieter Preiser

    SOLVED XIVO on RPi3 - Error on secure-iptables and add-fqdn commands

    While trying to get Travelin' Man running for a remote extension, I ran the add-fqdn command on Incredible PBX XIVO for Raspberry PI. I get an error. Apparently, the script is looking for a directory called /etc/systconfig/iptables which does not exist. The IP tables are all in etc/iptables...
  11. Ben Uecker

    QUESTION XIVO DHCP Server on Digital Ocean

    I think I am in need of some help or the very least a first step. Have installed the piaf wizard of XIVO on Digital Ocean. I have a quite a few Cisco 7961G SCCP phones that need provisioning. Flashing to SIP has really been hit or miss for me in the past so I am trying to keep this group as...
  12. S

    QUESTION Xivo - Audio every other call

    Just after I thought I got everything working with my Anveo account on my Xivo box, I've discovered that every other incoming call has no audio (that is, call one has audio, call two does not, call three has audio, etc...). In looking at the logfiles or SIP traces, I have not been able to...
  13. S

    SOLVED AnveoDirect on Xivo - Incoming calls busy

    I have a recent install of Xivo that I setup with Google Voice (via Simonics) and AnveoDirect. GV works flawlessly as does outbound calling on Anveo. However, when I dial into the Anveo number I get a busy signal and this line in the logfile: NOTICE[1750][C-00000010] chan_sip.c: Call from...
  14. Lonnon Jensen

    TIPS (XIVO PIAF Noob) No Incoming Calls from any SIP working!

    [/URL][/IMG] I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and have the most current xivo build on it. I have a Trendnet router Running DDWRT, i have setup a GV simonics trunk setup and outgoing calls work great, but know matter what i do i cannot get incoming calls to work. So i thought maybe it was the simonics...
  15. P

    GO HERE X100p FXO card in XiVO

    I have an X100P card that has worked in the past using IncrediblePBX. Does XiVO support use of these cards? Is there any documentation on how to set that up? I have it in a PC with fresh install of XiVO and IncrediblePBX and it does not recognize that it is there. thanks.
  16. P

    SOLVED XiVo installation errors

    Hi guys. I was trying a new installation with XiVo latest 32 bit on VMware and been having some issues First issue is clearly a XiVo one although I haven't reported it to them. While installing the packages the system stops because of an error. After checking the logs I found it has to do with...
  17. alecti

    TRY THIS Can't accept calls from SIP trunks in XIVO PIAF

    Hello, I have a SIP trunk provider that redirects the incoming calls directly to the IP (PBX VPS) however my DID provider is telling that my PBX is not responding as you can see in the following picture...
  18. ostridge

    NO JOY XiVO download error: invalid compressed data to inflate

    The following link gave an error. There were about 5 or 6 connections for the download to Rpi2, and the checksum is fine BUT:- incrediblepbx-xivo-20160902.zip wget...
  19. B

    QUESTION XiVO Incoming & Outgoing call Issues - AnveoDirect

    I am trying to use AnveoDirect with Xivo. I already configured outing and incoming routes following the anveo FAQ. outgoing works for international routes only ... local (US) and toll-free (US) doesn't work.. it gives buy tone. Inbound doesn't work (busy tone). I am kinda of a newbie, i...
  20. V

    SOLVED XiVO Upgrade problem. (postgresql)

    Any ideas on best way to fix this? Xivo continues to work except that no new data base functions can be performed. I have attempted to upgrade from 16.10 to 16.11 and had a problem with 4 of the packages which I suspect are all related to the postgresql package version. After having tried...