1. D

    Skyetel Configuration for Wazo/XiVO?

    Edit: Solved my own issue. Although I'm certain I tried turning on 'Accept unauthenticated calls' earlier, that was the problem. Hello, I am attempting to set up a Wazo/XiVO-based server. I can make outgoing calls using Skyetel, but incoming calls log an error stating Failed to authenticate...
  2. M

    QUESTION Need Recommendations to Route Incoming Call to Multiple Remote Users

    Right now I'm using Incredible PBX 'Incredible PBX Server' for my Gvoice numbers and Xivo-Wazo 17.17 "Phoenix" for all of my Anveo Direct and Voip.ms numbers. Normally each users would have their own login credentials/number/etc for inbound/outbound calls. However, now I would like...
  3. yajrendrag

    QUESTION CallerID in Wazo from Obi202 Gateway

    I've implemented the OBi202 gateway per this article: http://nerdvittles.com/?p=25846. am using Incredible PBX on Wazo and for the most part it's working fine - although it did take a bit of twiddling to interpret the trunk setup in Wazo from the examples given for FreePBX & VitalPBX. The...
  4. J


    Does anyone know why new releases on Wazo have stopped? Last release was March 5, v. 18.03. This is substantially slower than their normal release every 21 days.
  5. Lonnon

    NO JOY Localphone Outcalling not working

    Google Voice used to work great for outgoing calls but they have now disabled 2 of my accounts that were only used for outgoing calls, stating " I have violated terms and conditions" although I have read all of the Terms and conditions and cannot see and that I have. When I try and do an out...
  6. S

    QUESTION Wazo 17.17 call logs all show destination s

    With Wazo 17.15, the calls logs (also labeled call logs) page worked just fine. Upraded to Wazo 17.17, and now every destination shows s. This is a continuation of a conversation that started here: https://projects.wazo.community/boards/1/topics/13179?r=13270 I'm posting here about this...
  7. J

    TIPS Wazo will not register SIP trunk with Vitelity [SOLVED - not interesting]

    I have IncrediblePBX3 running in a VM at my home -- it works great. My SIP trunk provider is Vitelity. I have tried to setup Wazo (17.17 - in Debian 8). The installation runs great -- all services are working. My problem is that I am unable to establish my incoming trunk with Vitelity. If I...
  8. 2

    FYI Not Quite Soup: Wazo 18.03

    When will the script be ready for 18.01? That is what the latest ISO installs: WARNING: Incredible PBX image for version 18.01 is not yet available. You have two options. Stop here and try later by pressing Ctrl-C now. If you abort install now, you can rerun this install script again later...
  9. J

    R.I.P. Iptables corrupted

    If we have to reboot a wazoo cloud server (Linode), our iptables always seem to be corrupted and will not restart with iptables-restart. The error message is: IPtables FQDN problem on line: line56failed The unresolvable FQDN is failed. This rule will be disabled to allow IPtables to start...
  10. P

    QUESTION Wazo (17.17) and TLS/SRTP

    I've recently migrated to Wazo. I've got everything working, except SRTP. I can take the same 2 lines, and connect via UDP, TCP, or TLS without problems. However, as soon as I enable SRTP on the phones (Zoiper/Linphone), and set encryption=yes on the line configuration in Wazo, I have no...
  11. R

    SOLVED Wazo GUI access from external IP

    I have IncreidblePBX / Wazo 17.16 installed on a dedicated PC and I am trying to access the GUI remotely. I use the port knocker feature to add my external IP to the whitelist and it works because I am able to SSH into the Wazo server, but I cannot access the GUI through my browser. In order...
  12. R

    TIPS Wazo+GV = No audio

    I am using Wazo 17.16 installed on a dedicated PC using the latest ISO. I set up a google voice trunk and can make and receive calls, but I don't hear any audio on their side. My Zoiper softphone shows I connect using uLaw and I am sending bits, but my recieving bits stays at zero. Any help...
  13. Lonnon

    TIPS Can i Stop Fail2ban from banning my ip?

    I had to reinstall my server today and i forgot to unplug the phones and so they where trying to register when i was done reinstalling and fail2ban immediately locked my ip from accessing ssh and the webserver. i went in from novnc in impactvps and was able to remove it from the jail. Is there a...
  14. peterbata

    ALERT Wazo on WootHosting VPS

    Hello all. I have followed the Nerd Vittles tutorial on installing Wazo at WootHosting. After installing it approx a week ago I was able to access / configure Wazo via a hostname, Putty SSH, and the Woot provided IP address. A day or two later my server was totally inaccessible. I contacted...
  15. D

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Wazo 17.12 issues

    My configuration is simple: 4 grandstream phones, one grandstream ATA. The four phones are in a ring group. The ATA is outside it. There are 5 incoming lines. Two numbers go to the ring group, two go straight to a voice mail and one goes to the ATA. The system is at RentPBX and I am using...
  16. D

    FYI Incredible pbx fails to install on Latest WAZO 17.10

    I have installed the latest wazo by following the virtualbox tutorial here http://nerdvittles.com/?page_id=18291 when running the command to install incrediblepbx IncrediblePBX14-Wazo.sh it goes through the installer but stops with an error WARNING: Incredible PBX image for version 17.10 is not...
  17. S

    NEED MORE INFO Wazo incredible PBX image for version 16.08 is not yet availabe

    I was trying to do the http://nerdvittles.com/?p=20675 But I 'm getting the "incredible PBX image for version 16.08 is not yet available" I thought I was installing 17.09, but I guess I download the wrong .iso The one I downloaded was from...
  18. S

    NO JOY Vitelity and Incredible PBX 17.07 cannot get trunks to register

    Can any one point me in the correct direction? I have followed the tutorial exactly and cannot get the Vitelity Trunks to register to my Incredebile PBX on Wazo to register with my Rentpbx host. Calls to the DID just ring (answer) busy. Thank you in advance.
  19. C

    SUGGESTIONS Incredible PBX for Wazo on Amazon EC2?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a question that has been answered before. My goal is to install Wazo on AWS EC2 and then use this article - http://nerdvittles.com/?p=22087 - to set up the interaction with AWS Polly TTS. I tried to install using the IncrediblePBX14-Wazo.sh installer but unfortunately my EC2...
  20. nerdvittles

    RSS FEED Postfix + Gmail: A Pain-Free SMTP Relay for Wazo PBX

    Let’s face it. As the number of Internet service providers blocking downstream email servers continues to proliferate, getting a reliable email server configured with Incredible PBX™ and other VoIP servers has become painful. If you’re new to all of this, here’s the simple explanation. Internet...