1. A

    GO HERE Which Install Script? 13-13 on VPS

    I want to install 13-13 on CentOS 6 on woothosting. Which download should I start with? I have 2 GB RAM and a 2 GB swap file. Andrew
  2. W

    TIPS Securing Server and Removing knockd?

    I consider myself somewhat technologically abled but working with Incredible PBX, VPSs, and networking definitely is getting my hands dirtier than I thought it would. I have several endpoints that have dynamic IPs and it's not really feasible to have them connect through a VPN. (1) I am...
  3. shetu

    Iptables command need for tunneling

    Sorry copy paste error.
  4. J

    NEED MORE INFO Asterisk not running on Incredible PBX 14 WAZO

    I just installed Incredible PBX 14 WAZO, Asterisk is Down, did I do something wrong?
  5. Bart

    GO HERE Making ISO from install

    I have almost a perfect install of PIAF on a hosted vps. I was wondering if there might be some way to create an ISO file of this server so I could install it using a CD on another PC? Thanks
  6. ChiefGyk

    TRY THIS Can't install on Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

    Hello all I keep running into an issue everytime I try to install incrediblepbx per this guide here http://nerdvittles.com/?p=14183 as well as trying with version 11, and it keeps getting stuck at the same exact part of the installation on a fresh digital ocean VPS. I keep coming up with tar...
  7. restamp

    I HAVE A DREAM Create IVR with Speech Recognition

    Hi. I'm new to this forum (and thanks to whoever approved me this morning). I came across this website while researching what options I had for throwing together a simple IVR which accepts and acts on spoken commands without any need for DTMF. Essentially, I'd like to bypass the brain-dead...