1. C

    Corporate Shared Phone Book Frustration: What do you do?

    Hi All, So I'm rather frustrated with the state of the shared corporate phone book. I've never been able to just get this right. I've tried various flavors of Xivo\Wazo and Asterisk over the years It seems to me after 2 days of research, I'm limited to: -LDAP (Complicated and laborious to...
  2. A

    QUESTION Elastix...need help please

    Hello everyone ...I am studying engineering...and I made voip server By using elastix server on my laptop vm...I made it internal...only internal Devices will communicate...the problem is that one way audio between my laptop and to any other phones or laptops....but it's work between Any two...
  3. jamesmcmuffin

    NO JOY PJSIP TCP Transport Shutdown Every 5 Seconds.

    I've been having an issue with getting TCP working over my PjSip extensions what happens is when i connect my Endpoint. The Endpoint goes Reachable but than not even maybe 4 seconds it goes Unreachable. Ive troubleshooted in many ways such as. I've tried to take the sonicwall out of my network...
  4. wardmundy

    NEWS FLASH Trying Out a Facebook-Like Platform

    We're trying out a new Facebook-like platform called MeWe to see if it might work for the VoIP community. Come join us.
  5. A

    QUESTION OT: Fios with OpenVPN and PBXinaFlash

    Partly on and partly off topic. I currently have a Comcast internet connection with Blast! (200 down 10 up). I am using my own DOCSIS modem rather than Comcast's. I have a Netgear router in front of the modem which is running OpenWRT and several services (OpenVPN, Dynamic DNS updater). I...
  6. J

    NEED MORE INFO Asterisk not running on Incredible PBX 14 WAZO

    I just installed Incredible PBX 14 WAZO, Asterisk is Down, did I do something wrong?
  7. J

    QUESTION Provisioning Cisco IP7960's on Incredible PBX

    Hi there, I am running an Incredible PBX server and want to provision 7 Cisco IP 7960 phones, Can I provision them without t*f*t*p? If so How? and if not, how do I run t*f*t*p on Incredible PBX 12.0.70, Incredible GUI 12.0.30, and running Asterisk 13.9.1. Using Vitelity Trunks.
  8. J

    QUESTION Provisioning Polycom phones

    I am trying to provision Polycom phones, IP 501, IP 300, IP 550 and IP 650 with no luck. IP 550 is receiving all details via web GUI but when go to make a call it displays "URL Calling is disabled". Anybody got any ideas? I am using Incredible PBX 12.0.70 Asterisk 13.9.1 I have the PBX on a...
  9. MikeD

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Fax over Voip works for me, how about you?

    A couple of years ago, I tried fax over voip with a number of providers and nothing worked well. Ultimately every attempt was fraught with fax compatibility issues (basically a failure to negotiate line speed). For the last couple of months, I have been enjoying trouble free service using an...
  10. wardmundy

    TUTORIAL Free International VoIP Calling with Asterisk

    Today on Nerd Vittles... Four Months in Paradise: Free International VoIP Calling From Your Cellphone