1. J

    NO JOY pollmailboxes does not seem to be working

    Greetings all, I could use some assistance. I am running Incredible PBX Everything works great except I can't get my MWI lights to function properly. Here's the issue: I can leave a voicemail on any extension that has it enabled, and retreive the voicemail no problem. The...
  2. pixelflow

    SOLVED Need group voicemails with MWI across 3 ring groups

    Hey! So after delaying this for a year (my first 3CX license actually ran out just yesterday from our first attempt), we're finally attempting to move from an old local Elastix server to a cloud PIAF5/3CX. Originally we were trying to do it to a local PIAF box, but we had some pFSense firewall...
  3. D

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Wazo 17.12 issues

    My configuration is simple: 4 grandstream phones, one grandstream ATA. The four phones are in a ring group. The ATA is outside it. There are 5 incoming lines. Two numbers go to the ring group, two go straight to a voice mail and one goes to the ATA. The system is at RentPBX and I am using...
  4. K

    FYI Last Day to Comment on FCC 'Ringless Voicemail' Spam Proposal

    Figured this is as good a place to post this seeing its related to phones :) Copied directly from dslreports: Last week we noted how the FCC, eager to please the advertising industry, has been considering a rule change that would allow for "ringless voicemail." The proposal would allow...
  5. G

    QUESTION Change Ringing Time for user on Wazo

    Has anyone been able to change the ringing time for a user in Wazo? I've tried setting it several times, even disabling it and it still rings for about 30 seconds every time before going to voicemail. Could be I'm misunderstanding something somewhere.
  6. 5

    QUESTION Silly question - access voicemail?

    Hey all - just setup PBX IAF 5 in a VM on my vSphere cluster - all is well. However, I have extension 101 setup with a voicemail PIN, etc. but I can't access the voicemail. It's probably something stupid simple, but I dial the extension, press *, I just go in a loop. I get emailed the...
  7. L

    QUESTION Voicemail Alert for Virtual Extension

    We have used 'general' voicemail targets in the past, .. and the recording seems to work fine with a virtual extension, .. unfortunately I don't see how to flash the alerts when a virtual extension has voicemail (on some or all extensions)? Appreciate any suggestions!
  8. J

    SOLVED Voicemail

    Hi evryone, I setup today a new server for one off me customer but I get a issue with the voicemail. I'm running on PIAF Green. When a call the server is working but when I want to leave a voicemail I get a problem. The system tell me: "the Ext 800 is on the phone or busy please leave your...
  9. chris_c_

    SOLVED Voicemail IVR drops call after 30 seconds exactly

    Found a bug.... possibly related to iptables, incredible backup, incredible restore... Voicemail drops your call after exactly 30 seconds. It seems like firewall dropping the TCP connection. Running a fresh IPBX. All system data data was saved from an Ubuntu 14.04 trusty test system in...
  10. lbergey

    SOLVED Issue with voicemail not working on Extensions starting with 3

    I am running Incredible PBX 12.0.74 on a Raspberry Pi and through much pain, discovered that voicemail does not answer on unavailable on my 3 digit extensions that start with '3' extensions that start with '1' work fine. I searched for feature codes and extensions.conf & associated...
  11. B

    QUESTION No Voicemail on No Answer

    I'm just trialling this PBX stuff. I have 2 Raspberry Pi. One running Raspbx(Asterisk 11.21.0/FPBX 13.0.51) and one running IncrediblePBX(asterisk 13.7.2/FPBX 12.0.70), I have 2 extensions set up on each for testing purposes. Just to be clear these are totally separate systems, I am not trying...
  12. SMTC

    NO JOY Voicemail to Email not working on RASP Pi2 Incred PBX 13

    Either something got munged or I just don't have it set right. The "Instruction Manual" says to edit the sendmail.cf file and add my ISP's SMTP server after the "DS". (The sendmail.cf file incidentally warns to not edit it directly!) Well, that aint working. You have new mail in...