1. Matt Cannon

    QUESTION Question about NV Awesome Vitelity Special

    I was wondering what the typical turnaround time is from the point I submit the qualification and Vitelity sign up form to when I would receive an email indicating my account has been created? I just submitted those forms (Qualification and the one with the account information and CC...
  2. J

    TIPS Wazo will not register SIP trunk with Vitelity [SOLVED - not interesting]

    I have IncrediblePBX3 running in a VM at my home -- it works great. My SIP trunk provider is Vitelity. I have tried to setup Wazo (17.17 - in Debian 8). The installation runs great -- all services are working. My problem is that I am unable to establish my incoming trunk with Vitelity. If I...
  3. J

    NO JOY Registered Vitelity Trunk not ringing

    I have an Incredible PBX for Issabel server working I have two trunks registered, Vitality and Simonics. The Simonics work great however the Vtelity does not ring in the pbx. I have inbound route to the IVRand nothing rings. Vitelity outbound work fine. The Simonics inbound calls work...
  4. S

    NO JOY Vitelity and Incredible PBX 17.07 cannot get trunks to register

    Can any one point me in the correct direction? I have followed the tutorial exactly and cannot get the Vitelity Trunks to register to my Incredebile PBX on Wazo to register with my Rentpbx host. Calls to the DID just ring (answer) busy. Thank you in advance.
  5. N

    AWAITING FEEDBACK Unable to register trunk to vitelity hostname

    Incredible PBX 13-12.2 for Scientific Linux 6.7. System has been installed and working for months, registering to Now getting this error registering to that hostname; ERROR[2785] netsock2.c: getaddrinfo("", "(null)", ...): Temporary failure in...
  6. B

    RECOMMENDATIONS Cannot get incoming calls on Piaf 3cx. Use wazo?

    I have a 3cx install using the free key with vitality. I have played around with Piaf free pbx in the past but never made it into production. I want to do this for my church/daycare. I added vitelity trunk but have I only get one trunk in free version vitelity recommends using two trunks an...
  7. Bart

    FYI Vitelity Down - Including their own web site

    As of a few minutes ago Vitelity is COMPLETELY DOWN - Including their own web site
  8. J

    NO JOY Inbound not working with IP Based auth on Vitelity

    Hello guys. I switched to an IP Based authentication with Viltelity, but my inbound stopped working. When I call I get a busy signal and the call drops instantly. Outbound is fine. The IP blocks that Viltelity gave me are in the firewall rules and the routing to my static IP is correct. What do...
  9. J

    TUTORIAL Vitelity Trunk Setup

    Hi there, I'm setting up my PIAF Green and can't seem to setup my inbound trunk. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my current out and in settings. Thanks. OUTBound type=friend dtmfmode=auto username=XXXXXXXXXX secret=XXXXXXXXXX trustrpid=yes sendrpid=yes context=from-trunk=;XXXXXXXXXX...