1. D

    Skyetel Configuration for Wazo/XiVO?

    Edit: Solved my own issue. Although I'm certain I tried turning on 'Accept unauthenticated calls' earlier, that was the problem. Hello, I am attempting to set up a Wazo/XiVO-based server. I can make outgoing calls using Skyetel, but incoming calls log an error stating Failed to authenticate...
  2. W

    TIPS Securing Server and Removing knockd?

    I consider myself somewhat technologically abled but working with Incredible PBX, VPSs, and networking definitely is getting my hands dirtier than I thought it would. I have several endpoints that have dynamic IPs and it's not really feasible to have them connect through a VPN. (1) I am...
  3. P

    NO JOY Problem configuring IPBX13 to use flowroute's new pops.

    Has anyone successfully configured IPBX13-13 to use Flowroute's new pops. They have an article at but I do not understand how that relates to freepbx. I have tried...
  4. Lou Smith

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Is a viable trunk provider with 3cx

    I've used for years and they have been extremely solid and reliable. However, I'm trying to set up a 3cx installation using Ward Mundy's recommendations and am having some issues. One is that inbound calling works but outbound does not. I've read about deleting "voip" in the 3cx console...
  5. C

    TIPS Passing MWI from SIP trunk to extensions on Incredible PBX

    Despite searching both here and on the wider interwebs, I'm not figuring out what needs to happen in order to make MWI work as I'd like it to in one specific situation. Some background: Incredible PBX 13 from current image on a RasPi 3 Model B. The trunk that I'm concentrating on is a...
  6. lbeckm3

    BUG Wazo IAX2 trunk problem and resolution

    Working up a Wazo installation on Proxmox VM and had issues getting it to work with my IAX2 trunks to and rapidvox. Tried every combination under the sun but no joy. "iax2 show resgistry" would show the trunks registered and fine. "iax2 show peers" always showed state UNREACHABLE. No...
  7. Ramblin

    TIPS Wazo trunk config for Unlimitel

    @wardmundy Your tutorials on configuring trunks and inbound/outbound routes have been very helpful I have a vitelity trunk setup and can dial out and in with 2-way voice. I see in your post that you have a number of tutorials for other trunk providers. I...
  8. D

    TRY THIS XiVO / Wazo TollFree SIP trunk

    Is there a way in XiVO to implement a custom SIP trunk for toll free calls. I route all of my toll free calls through IdeaSIP. In Incredible PBX I just set up a custom trunk with the following custom dial string: SIP/[email protected] IdeaSIP doesn't require an account or...
  9. S

    SOLVED AnveoDirect on Xivo - Incoming calls busy

    I have a recent install of Xivo that I setup with Google Voice (via Simonics) and AnveoDirect. GV works flawlessly as does outbound calling on Anveo. However, when I dial into the Anveo number I get a busy signal and this line in the logfile: NOTICE[1750][C-00000010] chan_sip.c: Call from...
  10. Q

    GO HERE Specifying DID for a PJSIP trunk

    Greetings to helpful PIAF users! I created a RingPlus PJSIP trunk. Observing data on the wire I see outgoing REGISTER packet with Contact: <sip:[email protected]_external_ip:5060> Subsequently, incoming call is listed in a call log with DID 's' Does anyone know where that 's' is coming from and how to...
  11. J

    FYI Incredible PBX 12.0.74 'Incredible PBX Lean GUI' trunk problems

    Hi All, Problem: I have a problem with HT-503 devices (3 off for 3 different locations - 2 of which are remote to me) I can get incoming routes working, but outgoing routes does not work. i get the generic "all circuits are busy now .....". I have had this working on a previous system that i...
  12. J

    TIPS Vitelity Trunk, Outbound route "All Circuits are busy right now"

    I finally got my inbound route to work but my outgoing route is registering but i get the "all circuits are busy now". Any ideas? Please advise. Thanks in advance Jose Casares
  13. Tanmoy

    SOLVED Different Trunk based on extension

    I've two active trunks. Both are for same calling route, to call India. Now I want a single trunk to use for only one extension. Outbound Rules are same as bellow: Outbound Prepend Prefix Match Pattern CallerID 1 +91XXXXXXXXXX 2...