1. M

    QUESTION IncrediblePBX 16-15 TLS How-to?

    I have a new PBX running at Vultr and am slowly getting things setup. I have SRTP working. I'd like to get TLS working but it does not seem to be straightforward. Any pointers or a guide? Thanks much! Mark
  2. M

    NO JOY TLS\Certificate Errors after GVSIP-NAF upgrade

    Hi, I seem to be having issues with Chan_SIP being configured for TLS after the GVSIP upgrade. Before the upgrade, when I would query port 5061 I would get a cert and standard TLS responses. Now, I get a TLS response and no certificate. This has caused my test cisco phones to no longer connect...
  3. B

    Letsencrypt issue in IncrediblePBX

    I am having a problem generating a certificate in the IncrediblePBX GUI on a RPi where when I put in my information and I try to generate the certificate I receive the following error: There was an error updating the certificate: HTTP Challenge for <hostname> is not available. Whole...
  4. Dan Lawrence

    GOOD NEWS STT Bluemix API OK with TLS 1.2

    TL;DR IBM Cloud is withdrawing support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 across many cloud products and services. This does not appear to effect the voicemail speech to text add-on.:clap: I've been using the voicemail speech to text for a while and it works great in my low volume application. Recently...
  5. Q

    BUG IncrediblePBX 13.13 VMware in full TLS mode?

    I would like to get help finding instructions for enabling TLS and SRTP for extensions and PBX to PBX trunks. Long time ago I somehow managed to manually configure stand alone asterisk. Should the same steps be followed or there is UI support here?
  6. Charles Steiner

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Let's Encrypt free SSL for PiaF

    Has anyone used Let's Encrypt for the GUI? It's not really a big deal to have an signed cert, but seems like it might be a nice touch that would be easily integrated. It's automated, open, and free. There are lots of people here that are fans of those three words
  7. chris_c_

    RECOMMENDATIONS Add support for

    Would be nice to add support in the Incredible GUI, for automatic free CA-signed TLS certificate for every incrediblepbx instance. These free certs are available from the new Certificate Authority,, are fully revokeable, and would work without complaint in the Incredible GUI web...