1. wardmundy

    PIONEERS SMS Toolkit for Incredible PBX

    We're putting the finishing touches on a new SMS interface to Incredible PBX using SMS-enabled DIDs from Vitelity and The idea is you can send an SMS message to your server, and it will call you back or perform the task you requested. If you'd like to try it out from your smartphone...
  2. Dan Lawrence

    GOOD NEWS STT Bluemix API OK with TLS 1.2

    TL;DR IBM Cloud is withdrawing support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 across many cloud products and services. This does not appear to effect the voicemail speech to text add-on.:clap: I've been using the voicemail speech to text for a while and it works great in my low volume application. Recently...
  3. wardmundy

    PIONEERS IBM Voice Recognition with Incredible PBX: New Voice Dialer for Asterisk

    We've finally got a reliable replacement for Google's STT offering which was shaky at best. The IBM Watson STT engine is free for your first month and for 1,000 minutes a month thereafter. 2 cents a minute after that. In other words, it's dirt cheap and extremely reliable and accurate. Come try...