1. Q

    BUG IncrediblePBX 13.13 VMware in full TLS mode?

    I would like to get help finding instructions for enabling TLS and SRTP for extensions and PBX to PBX trunks. Long time ago I somehow managed to manually configure stand alone asterisk. Should the same steps be followed or there is UI support here?
  2. P

    QUESTION Wazo (17.17) and TLS/SRTP

    I've recently migrated to Wazo. I've got everything working, except SRTP. I can take the same 2 lines, and connect via UDP, TCP, or TLS without problems. However, as soon as I enable SRTP on the phones (Zoiper/Linphone), and set encryption=yes on the line configuration in Wazo, I have no...
  3. Q

    PIONEERS Sipura SPA-3000

    Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth [email protected] 2.8 and Sipura SPA-3000 , I tinkered a lot with VOIP. I even contributed to the wiki on for [email protected] In any event, I've been running in set and forget mode on a few SPA-3000 devices for several years... I...
  4. chris_c_

    RECOMMENDATIONS Add support for

    Would be nice to add support in the Incredible GUI, for automatic free CA-signed TLS certificate for every incrediblepbx instance. These free certs are available from the new Certificate Authority,, are fully revokeable, and would work without complaint in the Incredible GUI web...