1. W

    TIPS Securing Server and Removing knockd?

    I consider myself somewhat technologically abled but working with Incredible PBX, VPSs, and networking definitely is getting my hands dirtier than I thought it would. I have several endpoints that have dynamic IPs and it's not really feasible to have them connect through a VPN. (1) I am...
  2. F

    QUESTION Disabling Port Knocking

    Please excuse this novice, but I hope you guys are able to guide me in the right direction. I'm relatively new to learning about PBXs. I have two endpoints that are at locations that I don't regularly go to and that have dynamic IPs. Whenever their respective IPs change, the devices become...
  3. Jonathan Freed

    FYI Incredible-PBX-for-Wazo with softphone on mobile phone with dynamic IP without a wide-open firewall

    Current setup: Vultr $5/mo Debian 8 64, Vitelity SIP trunks, Incredible PBX for Wazo, Cisco SPA303 phones, and Zoiper softphones on smart phones via SIP URIs for sub accounts. Making it easier for people to say “Buckeye Country Realty is the best real estate agency brokerage company in...
  4. H

    FYI Updating NeoRouter Server for Wazo

    About a year ago I was very grateful to read on nerdvittles about how to actually use VMware ESXi! And that lead to my reading about the QNAP TS-563 serving iSCSI storage paired with an Intel NUC & 32GB DDR4 RAM operating as the VMware server. And if that wasn't enough, I learned to look out for...
  5. N

    RECOMMENDATIONS Firewall and security settings

    Partly because of old versions of PIAF I've been a very occasional CentOS user and I've never used Debian before. I've installed PIAF5 / 3CX on a Debian VPS recommended by 3CX at OVH. It's local and cheap. (Sorry Ward!) The installation works and passes the built in 3CX firewall test - but I'm...
  6. wardmundy

    TUTORIAL Free International VoIP Calling with Asterisk

    Today on Nerd Vittles... Four Months in Paradise: Free International VoIP Calling From Your Cellphone
  7. S

    BUG HTTPS admin not enabled on Incredible PBX 13-12.2 for Ubuntu 14

    I recently installed Incredible PBX 13-12.2 for Ubuntu 14 and was disappointed to discover that, unlike the Incredible PBX 13 with Scientific Linux 6.7 ISO, secure HTTPS connections to the Incredible PBX Kennonsoft web interface were not enabled by default. Can one of the devs please enable...
  8. chris_c_

    RECOMMENDATIONS Add support for

    Would be nice to add support in the Incredible GUI, for automatic free CA-signed TLS certificate for every incrediblepbx instance. These free certs are available from the new Certificate Authority,, are fully revokeable, and would work without complaint in the Incredible GUI web...