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    BUG cannot find /usr/lib64/ asterisk

    On a FRESH CentOS 7 Updated VM (esxi), I run the follow and asterisk doesn't seem to get installed. wget tar zxvf incrediblepbx* ./IncrediblePBX* Everything else seems fine, even status shows Asterisk UP, but the command...
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    GO HERE One Step Install Script or ISO

    Good afternoon: I'm trying to create a USB disk for installing CentOS 6.7 and PIAF 3 in one step. I'm not a big Lunix guy so this might sound stupid to most of you. What file do I need to modify on the CentOS installation so after CentOS is installed it automatically launches a script that...
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    QUESTION Firewall + Webmin + Ubuntu

    Hi guys, I am using PIAF in a CentOS for months, everything is going fine. Last week I installed the new Ubuntu version for PIAF, with no problems too, but... I am trying to make some changes in firewall, and since I am not a iptables expert, I tried to do it via webmin (just like in CentOS)...