raspberry pi 3

  1. howie954

    GO HERE Which IncrediblePBX Version For Raspberry Pi 3 Should I Use

    I was very much into this for awhile but went overseas for a couple years and now I am back and want to get back into the swing of things. I loved testing Raspberry Pi and IncrediblePBX and I just bought the latest RSB Pi 3b+ and wasnt sure which IncrediblePBX distro I should be using. I read...
  2. M

    TIPS Help needed - Incredible PBX for Raspberry Pi 3B

    Help Needed. I just installed the latest IncrediblePBX 13.13-7 for the RaspberryPi, with all of the updates. I have not made any manual changes to GVsip1. Google Voice is working, and a couple of extensions as well. I can't get the Vitelity inbound route to work. Vitelity Outbound works, the...
  3. B

    QUESTION IncrediblePBX on Pi3 & NAT

    Incredible PBX Rasberry PI 3 Installed form image incrediblepbx13.13-raspbian8.zip I appear to be having a NAT-related issue. I have two internal extensions configured, and they work fine. I have a SIP trunk provider and have configured the trunk with my credentials Inbound calls...
  4. srvjm79

    QUESTION Incredible PBX on Raspberry pi USB Boot

    I have followed the tutorial at How to boot from USB and all works great when I use the RASPBIAN STRETCH LITE image. It boots straight to the prompt no issue. However, when I use the Incredible PBX Raspberry Pi image, the boot hangs at: "random crng init done" The following comment from...
  5. L

    TIPS Noob questions (small setup)

    Hello All, I'm digging through the forums and making notes. I've never used an Asterisk based system so I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Eventually I'd like to move our company away from the ancient Nortel PBX onto an Asterisk based system. At the moment however, I have only one need. We...
  6. lbergey

    DEAL Raspberry Pi 3 $24.49 + free shipping

    Arrow has the Raspberry Pi 3 for $24.49 with free overnight shipping! Just use Promo Code RASPI30 to get 30% of regular price of $34.99. https://www.arrow.com/
  7. Dieter Preiser

    SOLVED XIVO on RPi3 - Error on secure-iptables and add-fqdn commands

    While trying to get Travelin' Man running for a remote extension, I ran the add-fqdn command on Incredible PBX XIVO for Raspberry PI. I get an error. Apparently, the script is looking for a directory called /etc/systconfig/iptables which does not exist. The IP tables are all in etc/iptables...
  8. SMTC

    TIPS Portknocker not working in Raspi3 IPBX 13-12.5

    AS a DAEMON no-go, Interactive seems to work. knockd appears to be running as log shows: "starting up, listening on eth0" But issuing knocks results in no access and no "OPEN SESAME" in the log. But.... if I launch in Interactive mode: knockd -D -v it works. What gives? BTW @wardmundy...
  9. SMTC

    GO HERE Raspberry Pi3 WLAN0 overriding ETH0, IPBX 13-12.5

    During distro install I was only eth0 attached. I followed the instructions at http://nerdvittles.com/?p=17094 to mod wpa_supplicant.conf file and got the wlan0 going OK. (pulled out the ethernet cable and rebooted). All good. But now I want to just use the hardwired eth0 but wlan0 is taking...
  10. Lonnon Jensen

    TIPS (XIVO PIAF Noob) No Incoming Calls from any SIP working!

    [/URL][/IMG] I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and have the most current xivo build on it. I have a Trendnet router Running DDWRT, i have setup a GV simonics trunk setup and outgoing calls work great, but know matter what i do i cannot get incoming calls to work. So i thought maybe it was the simonics...
  11. P

    SOLVED New incrediblepbx13-raspbian8-gvoauth: apt-get install

    Hi-- I've got a fairly spanking new install in my RPi3 and I tried installing Samba...at which point I started seeing messages like these: WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! libroken18-heimdal libasn1-8-heimdal libcups2 libhcrypto4-heimdal libheimbase1-heimdal...