raspberry pi 2

  1. P

    NO JOY Faxing on Raspbx 2

    Hello guys! I need some help in regards to setting up faxing on my rapsbx2. I have a raspi 2 model b running Incredible pbx 4.11.4 on asterisk 11.17.0. I don't have an incrediblefax script on my root directory, so that's about as far as I can get :( Thanks for all your help
  2. B

    SOLVED 3 problems, ? interrelated - trunks, calls and drop-outs (nodephone)...

    Hi, I have a couple of issues with my Incredible PBX – I don't know whether they are related, or separate issues. So for this I apologise in advance, and am happy to correct this query into separate forums if these issues are not related. I have searched the forums, and although there is threads...
  3. SMTC

    NO JOY Voicemail to Email not working on RASP Pi2 Incred PBX 13

    Either something got munged or I just don't have it set right. The "Instruction Manual" says to edit the sendmail.cf file and add my ISP's SMTP server after the "DS". (The sendmail.cf file incidentally warns to not edit it directly!) Well, that aint working. You have new mail in...
  4. Marcus Booth

    QUESTION Switching from DHCP to static IP

    Just did an install on Raspberry Pi 2 using WM's tutorial. Very cool, up and running now, works great. When I did the initial install I set DHCP. Now I need to change to a static IP. I tried to do the change through WEBMIN and that seemed to muff things up and made system unresponsive. I...
  5. T

    TIPS Help - My new Raspberry Pi 2 B install went crazy! (Cry!)

    :banghead: Been running PIAF for years without a hitch on a small PC. Trying to do a Raspberry PI install and it messes up constantly. Using a SanDisk Ultra 32gb and following instructions per Page 14787 (Incredible 13.12.3). Installs but get a fatal at startup but it loads and goes to a...
  6. SMTC

    QUESTION Meet me disabled after Module update - Incredible PBX, PI2

    I get this: Your Conference Room App (ASTCONFAPP) was automatically changed from app_meetme to app_confbridge because app_meetme is not installed on your Asterisk installation What has happened?