1. B

    TIPS Moving from Schmoozecom appliance to Pi?

    Hi Folks. Our FreePBX box is old. I was wondering how portable the back up would be. The old Schmoozecom box is FreePBX and 6.12.65-32. I use Vitelity with it. Any chance of building the Pi machine in Article "The Gold Standard: It’s Incredible PBX for Raspberry Pi 3B+" and...
  2. lbergey

    Send Notifications Using Outlook365 Account

    I am trying to get my Incredible-Pi to send out emails using Outlook365 vs the default on email address. I tried to replace sendmail with Postfix with no success. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks,
  3. hawk#1

    SOLVED Install fails to complete using Start Guide to Wazo 17.04

    Ward I have tried installing Wazo and IPBX numerous times using your guide at It goes thru the first reboot and gets to the last line "postfix ssl-cert" posted below, and every time that is where it stops. I have even let it run overnite and that is where it...
  4. F

    QUESTION Prevent overwriting user config files?

    Still running Asterisk 1.2 on a LAN, does what it's supposed to but would like to upgrade to new & spiffy. But, there are some custom extensions that aren't in the PIAF ecosystem. How to do an #include that doesn't get squashed when there is an update? Thanks.
  5. mkoenig

    SOLVED Incredible PBX/Flash 13-12.2 at RentPBX

    Unable to login to what I think is the PBX In a flash Kennosoft Admin screen. I have used admin-pw-change to change all passwords, and I know what the passwords are. None of them work here. I am able login and access the FreePBX admin menu. I am also able to access the system via ssh. Where do...