1. A

    QUESTION How to link 3CX 16 to IncrediblePBX 13.13?

    So, I have a service that integrates with FreePBX (and compatible) boxes via the CID Lookup module, and I also really like the CID Superfecta module functionality. I also want to be able to provision my phones easily and automatically, as well as have SoftPhones in my MacBook and iPhone, so 3CX...
  2. J

    TIPS Google Voice support in 3CX and PIAF5

    Can anyone tell me if the new gvsip is supported in piaf5? If it is can you point me to instructions to set it up? If it isn’t can you tell me if there is any plans to support it in the future?
  3. pixelflow

    SOLVED Need group voicemails with MWI across 3 ring groups

    Hey! So after delaying this for a year (my first 3CX license actually ran out just yesterday from our first attempt), we're finally attempting to move from an old local Elastix server to a cloud PIAF5/3CX. Originally we were trying to do it to a local PIAF box, but we had some pFSense firewall...
  4. T

    TIPS PIAF 5 (or latest) with Skype or Google Hangout integration to make External Calls

    I've done some searching on the forum and cannot find any topic relating to this. I apologize if this topic is already covered but I cannot find the topic I am looking for. As the title states, I'm looking to see if there is any possible development in PIAF to integrate Skype and/or Google...
  5. wardmundy

    GOOD NEWS Revolutionary New 3CX (free) PBX

    Check out today's Nerd Vittles article for a terrific new surprise from 3CX.
  6. J

    TIPS How to refresh registration manually in 3CX PBX edition (Free)

    I recently had to make some changes to my internal DNS, which caused a small outage. During this window, it appears it knocked out the registration on the server. Now I can't seem to get the SIP registration to re-register. I've rebooted the server to try and force it, but it seems it just...
  7. K

    RECOMMENDATIONS Advice for a newbie small bus owner

    My brother and I run a small industrial distribution business in Michigan with 8 outside salesman and 5 inside staff that our parents started in 1975 but then retired in 2004. I am interested in switching from an old digital Tateran system on a T1 to a VoIP system with primarily cell phone for...
  8. B

    SUGGESTIONS Installing PIAF5 alongside Incredible PBX for WAZO

    I would like to be able to evaluate PIAF5 & Incredible PBX for WAZO on a single computer by setting up a dual boot system. When I initially installed Incredible PBX & Debian 8 I used the standard guided partitioning option which resulted in multiple LVM Virtual Groups (VG) with an LV each for...
  9. D

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hardware recommendations please

    Hello, Been a long time lurker here with a post here and there. So I am wanting to get some recommendations for new hardware to run this new PBX in a Flash 5 build. I have a small business and want to upgrade and take advantage of the new build that includes 3cx and its many features. My...
  10. DragonHawk

    SOLVED PiaF5 no system recordings/sound

    Hi guys, Got an interesting one here. I'm in the process of spinning up PiaF5 on Amazon to evaluate as a replacement for my aging IPBX 12 install.I tried uploading my voicemail message file (in the correct format, I even re-encoded it to be sure) and all I get is dead air when trying to play...