1. R

    Looking for ongoing paid configuration and support of PIAF or 3CX

    I am looking for a person or company to configure PIAF or 3CX on a rented online server. I have implemented PIAF before on my own, but I am now in a new job with a non profit and I will not have the time to troubleshoot issues when needed. I need a company (not managed) that I can call on -- on...
  2. Ben Uecker

    Looking for GoIP settings for latest firmware

    I am in need of some help. A few years back there was the tutorial for GoIP. Since then the firmware has been updated to GHSFVT-1.1-64-2. I've tried to get it to work with the latest firmware but that hasn't worked out well at all for me. In fact I get a super weird issue when I call the sim...
  3. pixelflow

    SOLVED Need group voicemails with MWI across 3 ring groups

    Hey! So after delaying this for a year (my first 3CX license actually ran out just yesterday from our first attempt), we're finally attempting to move from an old local Elastix server to a cloud PIAF5/3CX. Originally we were trying to do it to a local PIAF box, but we had some pFSense firewall...
  4. J

    TIPS Incredible PBX 13 not good anymore?

    Hello, I had numerous installs on CentOS 6 with Incredible PBX 13 and most of them were trouble free up untill recently. For some reason even with clean installs I have lots of problems with it right after it finishes installing. I'll list some here: PBX breaks after few months with recording...
  5. wardmundy

    GOOD NEWS Revolutionary New 3CX (free) PBX

    Check out today's Nerd Vittles article for a terrific new surprise from 3CX.
  6. J

    NO JOY Conference Calls Not Recording

    I have noticed that conference calls are not recording, regardless if it is an internal extension or external number that dials in first. Yes, I have the record conference option selected under the conference settings. I've created multiple test conference extensions and none of them record. I...
  7. Dan Flood

    NO JOY Install fail after PIAF selection?

    Hi everyone, So it's CentOS 6.8 64bit inside VmWare Workstation 12 Pro - 2 CPUs and 8GB ram are dedicated to the machine. CentOS installs great, did the steps, run the piaf3 installer. After I realized that I needed to hit CTRL-ALT-F2 to get back to the PIAF installer on reboot, I selected...
  8. wardmundy

    FYI PIAF Source Files

    Just a heads up that the location of the PBX in a Flash Source files has changed a bit with the reorganization of the web site(s). Here's a link that still works: http://nerd.bz/PIAF-source. And a mirror site is available here:
  9. J

    QUESTION Cisco SPA303 provisioning with PIAF

    Can anybody help me connect a Cisco SPA303 to my PIAF server running on a virtual server. Thanks in advance. Phone is in a DHCP at my home. Virtual Server is with Digital Ocean on a static IP. Jose C.
  10. M

    TIPS Best PIAF Supported Dual (Or Tri) FXO Adapter For Analog Phone Lines

    Well, the journey of automating my phone system is reaching the final turn. I finally have the system working the way I want to with Vitelity, and now I am ready to put it into production. After banging my head against my desk trying to get a pair of SPA-3102's working at all (let alone well...
  11. oldrummer

    NO JOY Doorfon intercom, OBI110 and PIAF

    I have ALMOST successfully installed the "Doorbell fon DP28IT and the DP38 NBKS" and have it working with PIAF through an OBI110. The first time I press the door station button it rings a call queue (like it is supposed to) but I do not get audio either way. If I wait until it times out and...
  12. Marcus Booth

    QUESTION Switching from DHCP to static IP

    Just did an install on Raspberry Pi 2 using WM's tutorial. Very cool, up and running now, works great. When I did the initial install I set DHCP. Now I need to change to a static IP. I tried to do the change through WEBMIN and that seemed to muff things up and made system unresponsive. I...