pi 3

  1. Phillip Pacier

    FYI iPBX Pi 3 Password Change Requirement

    Good afternoon! I just successfully migrated my entire iPBX setup to an RPi 3. Every time I log in via SSH, it is having me go through the entire password change procedure for everything. Is there a way to disable this? Thank you!
  2. L

    TIPS IPBX on Pi with non-standard network

    We have four lines and 16 stations, .. been trying to get IPBX running on a Pi, but it fails to register with our Vitelity account, and it seems like the root problem may be the network configuration: * External (public IP) * Internal (office network, 10.0.0.n) * Phones (separate POE network...
  3. Lonnon Jensen

    TIPS (XIVO PIAF Noob) No Incoming Calls from any SIP working!

    [/URL][/IMG] I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and have the most current xivo build on it. I have a Trendnet router Running DDWRT, i have setup a GV simonics trunk setup and outgoing calls work great, but know matter what i do i cannot get incoming calls to work. So i thought maybe it was the simonics...
  4. J

    NO JOY HT701

    I have a HT701 that when registered at CAC with Asterisk (Ver. 13.7.2) It works fine. When I change to server to my pi 3 on my local network it will not register. The only thing change on the HT701 settings were the server address and extension and password. TIA Jeff