1. B

    Ring Time for SIP Extensions

    Hello, I've read several on-line posts and forums on how to change the default ring time for SIP extensions. I've tried changing "Settings - Advanced settings - Ringtime default value to 5, but this didn't change the ringtime. I have also tried changing the " Extensions - my extension -...
  2. A

    QUESTION IP phones....

    Hello friends....I want to buy IP phone for elastix PBX ...I heard that it must support sip..so I don't know which type does , so anybody can tell me which type supports it... I want the cheapest type support sip...
  3. S

    SOLVED Incredible PBX 13 Extension will not register

    Hi All, I just built a new Raspberry Pi 2 with Incredible PBX to replace an older version (PBX 11-3?). I did all of this on a second Pi so I could still have the old one up and running for reference. I gave the old Pi a new static IP address and the new Pi the static IP address of...
  4. C

    DEAL Needed: PBX Savvy Individual for Hire -Zip code routing

    Not sure if hiring members for help is allowed on this forum. Apologies if this is against the terms. However, we need a way to route calls by zip code. Caller dials toll free number, greeted with prompt to enter zip code (5 digits), then based on that entry is routed to an external number...
  5. Dejan

    NEED MORE INFO ISP - Firewall - PBX box = Registration?!?!

    Right now. In my home network there is an ISP router with built-in WIFI (ATT 2WIRE) which has IP address - firewall - PBX box. Now I have a static IP address which through the ISP router I directly carry it to the WAN firewall (without a firewall limit and without NAT)...
  6. K

    SOLVED Wazo 17.05 on DigitalOcean can't access server

    Hi everyone, Newbie here with some questions. Before posting this, I've tried to Google my problem and also search this forum, but was unable to find a solution. Per instructions I've installed latest Wazo onto DO droplet. Everything went smooth an I was able to get into the web gui as well as...
  7. P

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT PBX app is useful?

    Hi guys! Now, my PBX works properly with other devices, However, I am considering about using PBX app for my androi phone. I found only one app: VirtualPBX Phone with some impressive description about features on google play for this app but it has a few review and I want to hear from you-...
  8. ChiefGyk

    NO JOY Avantfax not letting me log in

    So I set up a fresh CentOS VPS with IncrediblePBX, but Avantfax is not letting me log in on any browser with the new password I made. CentOS 6.7 VPS on Digital Ocean w/ IncrediblePBX 13
  9. P

    NO JOY Anyone had a successful PBX on Azure?

    Hello, I am currently having problems with PBX in a Flash and Incredible PBX on Azure (https://azure.microsoft.com/en) Has anyone have a successful PBX VM on Azure? Let me describe the problems, I'll keep it simple I am able to follow this guide with a Ubuntu Server 14.04...
  10. T

    QUESTION New install with no http interface?

    Hey All, I've recently set up a new vps with ubuntu 14.04. I then installed IncrediblePBX on to it, my server shows: Asterisk 11.20.0 - FreePBX It shows my Private and Public IP addresses however I cannot find out how to access the web manager GUI section. Am I in the right place...
  11. B

    TIPS What Happened to Lenny?

    Setup: Incredible PBX 13 ISO on a VPS. Asterisk 13.6.0, Free PBX 12. Using default dialplan, Lenny worked for a while, but now no longer does. It seems to ring, then it goes busy. Dial string in Freepbx for the 53669 extension is SIP/[email protected] Any suggestions?