1. J

    NO JOY No connections/registration

    suddenly, in the last couple of days, our "telephone" mac software and phones cannot connect with our wazoo install. All of the connection attempts show in asterisk as "wrong password". "Registration from '"703" <sip:*******@45.33.1**.**>' failed for '24.***.**.****:54938' - Wrong password"...
  2. Phillip Pacier

    FYI iPBX Pi 3 Password Change Requirement

    Good afternoon! I just successfully migrated my entire iPBX setup to an RPi 3. Every time I log in via SSH, it is having me go through the entire password change procedure for everything. Is there a way to disable this? Thank you!
  3. T

    QUESTION passwd-master resets passwords...then?

    When I click on "other" and then "config edit" I get challenged for a user and password: A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Restricted Admin Area" I have ssh and sudo, so full root access. I can run the password utility passwd-master...
  4. T

    NO JOY Password script doesn't create root accounts.

    Good day All, I have imaged {incrediblepbx13-raspbian8-gvoauth.img} to a transcend 16 gb microSD card. Successfully booted the first time and continued the steps detailed in the tutorial. I have completed changing the pi password but the root account passwords for the FreePBX, admin, and any...
  5. Bart

    GO HERE New Install Incredible

    I've made the leap from purple to incredible 13-12.2. Install was done by Vitelity and hosted there. In purple, there was a master reset for passwords using 'help-pbx' but I do not have that option in incredible. How do we now reset all the passwords? Thanks, Bart