1. G

    ALERT Suddenly No Ringback on Outbound Calls through Google Voice

    Yesterday I suddenly get no ringback on Google Voice outbound calls. Extension to extension calls are fine. Today I finally set up an outbound route through our Flowroute and get ringback on these outbound calls. I had though previously it was in my PBX. Anyone else see this? Asterisk 13.9.1...
  2. jake372

    GO HERE Flowroute Outgoing Calls in WAZO

    I am running Wazo Version 17.01 on Vultr and have inbound calls working using a Flowroute trunk. Inbound calls are working, and I have also made sure I set the ip address for Wazo in Flowroute to allow outbound calling. When I try to place an outbound call a recording says "the person you are...
  3. S

    SOLVED Problems with both out and inbound calls

    Hi. Installed XIVO a few months ago, got it working with the mac Telephone softphone with voip.ms. Didn't use it much after basic testing, as I wanted to get a sip desk phone, plus figure out the automated attendant (that's still in the future). Today, went to install a sip phone and found that...
  4. J

    TUTORIAL Vitelity Trunk Setup

    Hi there, I'm setting up my PIAF Green and can't seem to setup my inbound trunk. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my current out and in settings. Thanks. OUTBound type=friend dtmfmode=auto username=XXXXXXXXXX secret=XXXXXXXXXX trustrpid=yes sendrpid=yes context=from-trunk=;XXXXXXXXXX...
  5. Tanmoy

    NEED MORE INFO Call using specific route from PHPAgi

    I've two trunks. I can specify route in outbound dialplan. But I want to do that from agi script. I'm using phpagi.php and custom code. I tried with $agi->exec('DIAL', "SIP/[email protected],30,g"); But call is going through first route always. Am I doing anything wrong?
  6. B

    TIPS Outbound routes: allowing calls through a route to most users

    Hello, Asterisk 13.6.0, Free PBX 12 on latest Incredible ISO. How can I configure the PBX to usually allow a user to make calls through a specified route, but block a select group of extensions from doing so, forcing them to fall back to other (secondary) routes? I don't want to set up a...