1. A

    QUESTION VPN Issue on Yealink phone

    I have an external phone to my home based PBX. It is a Yealink T46G. I have upgraded the firmware and sent new config files which were loaded. The phone was rebooted and shows a) as connecting to the vpn (OpenVPN logs) and b) shows as registered (sip show peers). However, the phone shows 'No...
  2. shetu

    QUESTION Openvpn connect

    I install openvpn connect in Scientific Linux 6.7. How do i connect openvpn server during boot without post openvpn --config xxx.ovpn?
  3. rjaiswal

    TUTORIAL Setting up vtun1 on Edgerouter for Yealink phones

    Hi, Haven't posted in a while. Had a freak accident last year. 4 surgeries later, I'm now on the road to a somewhat full recovery. Just got this working for myself. I have a new full time job, and wanted to keep a desk phone hooked up to my personal PBX, so if my old clients needed to get a...
  4. R

    TIPS Remote Extension - OpenVPN

    Hi, My IncrediblePBX 2.11 install has been working great, but now that I'm trying to add three remote cellphone extensions via OpenVPN I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it. My IncrediblePBX is on a Pi 2, and since the Pi has limited processing power I've installed OpenVPN on my Windows...