1. broadcastguy

    TIPS Incredible PBX 13 ISO & Intel NUC Failed Install

    Hello PBX Geniuses! I thank you in advance for your help; I'm pretty stumped here. I have been attempting to install the Incredible PBX ISO from a USB flash drive onto my Intel NUC mini-PC and have been running into a warning after the first reboot, and prior to Incredible PBX attempting to...
  2. J

    TIPS Power Failure Bug

    Hello all, new member. I currently run PIAF through VirtualBox off of an Intel NUC. Occasionally in my service area, we do get hit with power outages from time to time. A problem I've seen is that while the VM is starting up, if there is no local internet connection, PIAF will continue its...
  3. D

    SOLVED IncrediblePBX 13 ISO - problems with Avantfax, RSS feed

    Sigh. Not sure if someone on the forum can help me. I'm quite a newbie, but I have tried everything that I can imagine. I'm setting up a PBX for my small office (probably about 10 extensions with only about 3 in use at any single time). I was hoping that this project would be fairly...
  4. J

    DEAL Intel NUC NUCC5CPYH Combo $160 @ Newegg Saw this when I was google-ing NUC. It seems like an older model? Will it work as well