1. dallas

    Trouble with Lenny

    I have setup a custom extension on my Incredible PBX 4.11.3 for RasPBX. I used the same setting from the Incredible PBX build. When I dial 53669 from any extension - internal or external - the call to Lenny answers and I can hear him. When I route an incomming call to extension 53669...

    SOLVED help with a tricky dial plan similar to Lenny, if he married Wolfram Alpha with Googles permission

    Trying to marry some examples of Lenny and SMS Blaster and Wolfram Alpha, to vision a better voice automated response I'm dreaming up.. A handful of you in this group probably have seen the dial plan for Lenny, the telemarketers worse nightmare. I like how he uses the talk detect and waits...
  3. SMTC

    TRY THIS Raspberry Pi 3 Misc Thoughts

    Did I miss something? I took a fresh download of the image and loaded up a brand new Pi3. Before going too far I did the IncredibleFax install which FIRST insisted I update a pile of stuff, which I did. Couple of warnings during the process about keeping some config PHP files as original or...
  4. B

    TIPS What Happened to Lenny?

    Setup: Incredible PBX 13 ISO on a VPS. Asterisk 13.6.0, Free PBX 12. Using default dialplan, Lenny worked for a while, but now no longer does. It seems to ring, then it goes busy. Dial string in Freepbx for the 53669 extension is SIP/[email protected] Any suggestions?