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    TIPS Small problem with incredible backup and restore related to port knock.

    Having used the IncredibleBackup and IncredibleRestore functions a few times on my Raspberry Pi, I have encountered a minor issue. I was able to work around it, since I am familiar enough with Linux command line, etc. The problem stems from the file ~/knock.FAQ being backed up, but not the...
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    TIPS Securing Server and Removing knockd?

    I consider myself somewhat technologically abled but working with Incredible PBX, VPSs, and networking definitely is getting my hands dirtier than I thought it would. I have several endpoints that have dynamic IPs and it's not really feasible to have them connect through a VPN. (1) I am...
  3. SMTC

    TIPS Portknocker not working in Raspi3 IPBX 13-12.5

    AS a DAEMON no-go, Interactive seems to work. knockd appears to be running as log shows: "starting up, listening on eth0" But issuing knocks results in no access and no "OPEN SESAME" in the log. But.... if I launch in Interactive mode: knockd -D -v it works. What gives? BTW @wardmundy...