1. J

    DNS Issues with IPBX13

    Hi there, I've done some searching around and can't find an answer to this one: I am running into errors in the FreePBX GUI saying that name resolution is not working, currently this occurs when I try to download local dial plans for an incoming route. The interesting thing is that the PBX...
  2. L

    TIPS IPBX on Pi with non-standard network

    We have four lines and 16 stations, .. been trying to get IPBX running on a Pi, but it fails to register with our Vitelity account, and it seems like the root problem may be the network configuration: * External (public IP) * Internal (office network, 10.0.0.n) * Phones (separate POE network...
  3. J

    NEED MORE INFO Asterisk not running on Incredible PBX 14 WAZO

    I just installed Incredible PBX 14 WAZO, Asterisk is Down, did I do something wrong?
  4. ostridge

    NO JOY XiVO download error: invalid compressed data to inflate

    The following link gave an error. There were about 5 or 6 connections for the download to Rpi2, and the checksum is fine BUT:- incrediblepbx-xivo-20160902.zip wget...
  5. B

    TIPS IVR & Codecs

    Hey guys, I need some help on IVR prompts and a codec problem. Running latest IPBX 13 with Jessie on PI 2. Setup in Australia configured with codec alaw. IPBX & phones have all in order of preference these codecs activated: alaw, 729, gsm Re-recorded IVR prompts. When calling with an internal...