1. A

    TIPS Small problem with incredible backup and restore related to port knock.

    Having used the IncredibleBackup and IncredibleRestore functions a few times on my Raspberry Pi, I have encountered a minor issue. I was able to work around it, since I am familiar enough with Linux command line, etc. The problem stems from the file ~/knock.FAQ being backed up, but not the...
  2. S

    TIPS IncrediblePBX 13 & HylaFax & AvantFax

    I couldn't find anywhere else to ask these, I saw somewhere else to just ask them here. So if they are in fact in the wrong place, please feel free to move it there. If I am wrong at any point in this post, please forgive me, I am new to Fax over VoIP. I have a fresh install of IncrediblePBX...
  3. U

    Incredible PBX Scheduled Paging

    Hello, We recently downloaded Incredible PBX for its GVSIP integration. Before this we were using the stock version of FreePBX. Within that we were using the Paging and Intercom Pro module which allowed us to schedule pages to be sent (this was used as a bell system for our school). I see in...
  4. E

    QUESTION Does VitalPBX for Virtualbox contain GVSIP?

    First, how do I make a comment on nerdvittles? I posted a comment, but it doesn't show up. Maybe it is moderated? My question was if the Virtualbox image "VitalPBX" ( contains the latest GVSIP functionality as described here: If...
  5. M

    TUTORIAL IncrediblePBX 13-13 on Raspberry Pi use Gmail with Sendmail

    Notes: If you use 2 step authentication, you will need to create an "App Password" in your Google Account settings. This will generate a 16 character you can use as a password for sending mail through your gmail account that normally requires 2-step. Create a Gmail "App Password" here More...
  6. P

    GO HERE IncredibleFax Settings?

    I have an Incredible PBX machine (version 12.0.74) running Asterisk 13.18.2 and AvantFAX 3.3.3. When I send a fax to myself, the header on the fax says "IncredibleFAX" and the date/time. I don't know if this is added when the fax is sent or received, but is there any way to change this header to...
  7. wardmundy

    PIONEERS Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware

    We are pleased to introduce Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware servers including the free ESXi platform. Using the IncrediblePBX-13.13.ova image, you can build Incredible PBX 13-13-LEAN from the latest Asterisk 13 source in about 15 minutes. Or you can use the IncrediblePBX- image...
  8. John Squared

    FYI FreePBX 14

    Is it possible to migrate from FreePBX 14 to IncrediblePBX?
  9. wardmundy

    PIONEERS IBM Voice Recognition with Incredible PBX: New Voice Dialer for Asterisk

    We've finally got a reliable replacement for Google's STT offering which was shaky at best. The IBM Watson STT engine is free for your first month and for 1,000 minutes a month thereafter. 2 cents a minute after that. In other words, it's dirt cheap and extremely reliable and accurate. Come try...
  10. M

    GO HERE Anveo Direct in IncrediblePBX

    Hello, Does anyone know if Anveo Direct is working with IncrediblePBX and what a working set-up looks like? I'm considering using them for outbound calling but have noticed that Anveo Direct is not included in the IncrediblePBX Trunk template list. Researching set-up instructions brings up...
  11. centrex

    FYI Incredible PBX 12.0.74 may use deprecated OpenCNAM API

    Incredible PBX 12.0.74 on CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 with Asterisk 13.13.1. OpenCNAM wasn't working for me. When using the GUI module to set up OpenCNAM I noticed it uses a deprecated API call. Example: Let's say my OpenCNAM SID is AAAAAAAAAA and my AuthToken is X0X0X0X0X0. If I enter this...
  12. miguel

    FYI Why RasPi3 has 2 Private IPs

    W would like to knwo why is incredible pbxstaus showing 2 private ip's instead of 1, can someone please explain? best regards, M
  13. chris_c_

    QUESTION Have you installed Asterisk 14.02 with Incredible PBX

    Asterisk 14.02 comes with the amazing high quality OPUS audio codec built in.
  14. P

    SOLVED XiVo installation errors

    Hi guys. I was trying a new installation with XiVo latest 32 bit on VMware and been having some issues First issue is clearly a XiVo one although I haven't reported it to them. While installing the packages the system stops because of an error. After checking the logs I found it has to do with...
  15. chris_c_

    SOLVED Voicemail IVR drops call after 30 seconds exactly

    Found a bug.... possibly related to iptables, incredible backup, incredible restore... Voicemail drops your call after exactly 30 seconds. It seems like firewall dropping the TCP connection. Running a fresh IPBX. All system data data was saved from an Ubuntu 14.04 trusty test system in...
  16. B

    FYI Incrediblepbx for x386 system...

    Does anyone know if there are instructions/downloads for Incrediblepbx with Asterisk 11 on centOS 6.5? I've got an older system that I'd like to use for practice, but it's unable to run 64-bit anything. I've done several systems using the 64-bit instructions found here...
  17. T

    QUESTION Outbound Trunk - Cannot hear other party

    Hi there, PBXIAF with IncrediblePBX on Centos was a very simple process to setup, but I'm somehow struggling to figure out a small issue. I've tried many combinations of NAT, Firewall, etc. but no luck so far. I'm trying to setup Twilio Elastic SIP as my trunk provider and for the most part...
  18. R

    NO JOY Chance Flite voice

    Hi I would first like to say thanks for the great guides and tutorials! I have installed the incredible PBX mod on elastix 4.0. I have been trying to change the voice that Flite uses without success. There are about 20 voices available for download on Flite site - but no instructions on how...
  19. ChiefGyk

    TRY THIS Can't install on Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

    Hello all I keep running into an issue everytime I try to install incrediblepbx per this guide here as well as trying with version 11, and it keeps getting stuck at the same exact part of the installation on a fresh digital ocean VPS. I keep coming up with tar...
  20. J

    SOLVED IncrediblePBX Softphone not registering

    I did an install of Incredible PBX/Fax 13-12.2 Running Asterisk 13.9.1, Incredible GUI 12.0.30 on a cloud at cost server using Centos 6.7, and I can't seem to register a softphone. I have tried Zoiper and Media5 both on android and IOS. I have whitelisted IP address. My outbound trunk settings...