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    FYI IncrediblePBX13.2.iso problems take 3

    Multiple errors/warnings during system startup (remove rhgb from kernel command line to see) I saved several screenshots - is there a recommended place to upload? The most encountered example of the error is: sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo Another example is: KILLING AMP PROCESSES...
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    TIPS IncrediblePBX13.2.iso problems

    Downloaded above ISO, it ran /root/ installation script. Lines were scrolling up pretty quickly but I noticed a bunch of errors, warnings, missing rpm packages etc. Haven't yet found a log. Is it created anywhere? At the end asterisk was not up, but after service asterisk...
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    SOLVED IncrediblePBX 13 ISO - problems with Avantfax, RSS feed

    Sigh. Not sure if someone on the forum can help me. I'm quite a newbie, but I have tried everything that I can imagine. I'm setting up a PBX for my small office (probably about 10 extensions with only about 3 in use at any single time). I was hoping that this project would be fairly...