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    Any reason why I would be seeing so much DNS traffic on my newly setup IncrediblePBX? Here is a snippet from my firewall logs. =================================================================================== 2015-11-24 11:12:39 Allow XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX dns/udp 30944 53...
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    TIPS GUI gone wild! The Incredible PBX/PIAF main screen gone!?

    Did a "shutdown -h -P now" on the Pi 2. Swapped another chip in to test, then came back to the former, re-booted. Now when I go to the LAN address, it bypasses the main menu system and jumps directly to the Server Admin, Incredible Free Support, User Control Panel screen. What gives...
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    QUESTION Meet me disabled after Module update - Incredible PBX, PI2

    I get this: Your Conference Room App (ASTCONFAPP) was automatically changed from app_meetme to app_confbridge because app_meetme is not installed on your Asterisk installation What has happened?