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    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Basic Pi3 Incredible PBX Questions

    I've been running Incredible PBX on a Raspberry Pi for a couple of years successfully. However I wanted to add another incoming sipgate number and decided to attempt to update to latest version. I wonder if someone could just confirm, or comment if I've done this correctly. Apologies if my...
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    GO HERE Incredible-GUI Update?

    Hello guys! Just a quick question. Is there any way to update to latest Incredible-GUI. My main system runs version 12.0.30 with Asterisk 13.10 on CentOS 6 and the newest version seems to be 12.0.39 Thank you all
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    QUESTION New install with no http interface?

    Hey All, I've recently set up a new vps with ubuntu 14.04. I then installed IncrediblePBX on to it, my server shows: Asterisk 11.20.0 - FreePBX It shows my Private and Public IP addresses however I cannot find out how to access the web manager GUI section. Am I in the right place...
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    Loaded the Incredible PBX on a new Pi 2. The GUI interface is really, really slow to load for all screens. The first load status screen takes over 12 seconds to go from 20%, 40%, 60%…. Afterwards its like 2400 baud of olden days. Command line Raspbian is fast and TOP command never shows...