incredible 13.13

  1. Q

    QUESTION push notification for zoiper sip client

    I wonder if anyone knows how to implement the following steps in Incredible PBX 13.13
  2. Q

    BUG IncrediblePBX 13.13: SRTP connection attempt crashes asterisk.

    (gdb) where #0 0x00007fd762085191 in _IO_vfscanf_internal ([email protected]=0x7fd702de27a0, [email protected]=0x60d3c3 "%30d", [email protected]=0x7fd702de28c8, [email protected]=0x0) at vfscanf.c:1826 #1 0x00007fd76209a367 in _IO_vsscanf (string=0x7fd702de29c0 "1", format=0x60d3c3 "%30d"...
  3. Q

    SOLVED 13-13 on CentOS7 installation errors

    main install: pridump.c:45:24: fatal error: dahdi/user.h: No such file or directory Enchilada: Updating passwords... Adding password for user admin Restarting Fail2Ban... Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart fail2ban.service Reloading FreePBX... Error(s) have occured, the following is the...
  4. mkPhoenix

    QUESTION NAT Mode for PJSIP Extension in Incredible PBX 13-13

    Hi there, I'm trying to configure NAT mode for some PJSIP extensions in Incredible PBX 13-13, but there doesn't seem to be a 'NAT Mode' setting in the Advanced tab for each extension.. I can see it there for normal SIP extensions, but not PJSIP. Is it not possible to configure NAT mode for...
  5. O

    Incredible Fax not receiving faxes

    I'm having issues receiving faxes with Incredible Fax on 13-13.3 for Scientific Linux. When someone sends a fax one of the ttyIAX modems go from [idle] to [Receiving Fax], but then nothing happens. I can send faxes without issue. When I call the fax number, the call picks up but the call is...
  6. K

    SOLVED Changing the default interface

    I am running Incredible PBX CentOS 6.9 on a Open VZ host on HIFormance or at least I am trying to run Incredible PBX. I have been trying to get knockd working, but every time I try to active knockd, it fails because it can't access the interface (eth0). My virtual interface is venet0:0 and...
  7. CyberneticianDave

    SOLVED Problem connecting FritzBox client

    Hi New here! I've tinkered with Asterisk in the past but never gone the whole hog, this time I'm trying to go all in. I've got IncrediblePBX 13 running on a CentOS 6.9 guest on my FreeNAS box. I've managed to create a couple of trunks, routes and extensions. I've got my landline coming in by...