incredible 13.12.3

  1. chris_c_

    TIPS How to turn off the joke sounds in asterisk

    Sorry if this a FAQ. Can't find this asked anywhere. Is there a switch to option to turn off the joke sounds in asterisk, such as "Comedian Mail" and this type of play on words silly humor. Many people surely like the jokes. However, sometimes you want and need, a normal sounding generic pbx...
  2. chris_c_

    SOLVED faxgetty fails. rc.local fails to provide path to ttyIAX0 thru 3.

    Github issue : Run rc.local and you get no such file or directory error as bash fails to find faxgetty at /usr/sbin/. ~$ /etc/rc.local /etc/rc.local: line 17: /usr/sbin/faxgetty: No such file or directory /etc/rc.local: line 18...
  3. chris_c_

    BUG System crontab error causes Hylafax hourly job to fail. Summary: Hylafax integration is a key feature of ipbx, hylafax depends on this hourly cron to run error-free, so, this bug must be fixed, high priority.
  4. chris_c_

    SOLVED after reboot firewall is wide open

    Persistent robo-hack attempts from germany and the baltic states. On reboot, isn't the iptables firewall supposed to automatically activate ? [2016-09-01 19:42:05] NOTICE[9284] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request 'INVITE' from '"111" <sip:[email protected](ipbx server public ipv4 address)>' failed for...
  5. T

    TIPS Help - My new Raspberry Pi 2 B install went crazy! (Cry!)

    :banghead: Been running PIAF for years without a hitch on a small PC. Trying to do a Raspberry PI install and it messes up constantly. Using a SanDisk Ultra 32gb and following instructions per Page 14787 (Incredible 13.12.3). Installs but get a fatal at startup but it loads and goes to a...